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Due to customer demand Castle Supply is happy to announce another addition to “THE BIG GIRL VEE” she CAN have a urinating bladder attached to her. And we’re calling her “THE BIG GIRL BLADDER VEE“. She has a vaginal opening almost twice the size of the others, larger labia and creates an amazing camel toe. The Big Girl Bladder Vee will hide your genetalia and allow a complete feminine illusion with gusto and comfort.



This Is Why We Do What We Do – emails like this…

My V string arrived Friday. I haven’t been out for awhile and decided to go have a few drinks at a T friendly bar near me, while testing out the v string. It was awesome. I love the v string. About an hour after I put it on, I noticed my posture and movement have changed. It was so wonderful to not worry about something popping out or getting loose and ruining my body language. I felt calmer and more relaxed than ever. So much so that I “forgot” about my male genitalia completely. Thank you for such a great product, I finally feel like me.
Happy Customer

Fulfill your female illusion with the Vee-String Female Vagina Prosthesis© from Castle Supply.

newnatural_small-for-jonesbladder-movThe Vee-String has been in production since the 1980’s and online since 1998.  We are proud of our reputation and take great care to provide you with the highest quality latex vagina product available.  Castle Supply is located in the USA and all products are made by hand (no machines). There are thousands of combination possibilities, therefore, it may take 2-3 weeks for shipping of your Vee-String Female Vagina Prosthesis©.  Throughout the time it takes, you can rest assured we are working to complete your Vee-String to your specifications as quickly as possible.

When you buy a Vee-String Female Vagina Prosthesis©, you will receive a one-of-a-kind piece of art which will help to fulfill your feminine illusion.

One of our first customers, Robin, tells us:

“When I wear my Vee-String, the latex warms up to my body temperature and it becomes like my skin.  It is thin enough to allow the feeling to come through to my skin. I experience sensation where I rub.  I have had my Vee-String for years and it still works just like the first day I got it.  I’d say it’s durable and long lasting.  Bottom line, I get just as much erotic pleasure from the Vee-String as my partner.”



Castle Supply’s website was introduced April 15, 1998. Castle Supply’s in-depth experience can provide the right prosthesis product for your every need. Should you find it preferable to have us custom-design a product for you, our qualified creative staff is prepared to assist you in creating a prosthesis product ideally suited to your specifications.


In order to maintain our position as a leader in the Female Vagina Prosthesis industry and one of the only “truly” single source suppliers, We maintain strict standards for our hand made products (all in-house). There are no substitutes for the quality and integrity of our Vee-String Female Vagina ProstheseTM.


We are proud of the reputation we have built throughout the Transgender Community. We also take tremendous pride in our environment. All major latex components used in the manufacture of our products are recycled back into our products which enables our customers to actualize their commitment to using recycled products.