Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I order by mail?
A: Select the product you are wanting to order, then press the “Order” button. It will then take you to your personal shopping cart. If you don’t already have a personal shopping cart you will have to fill in your shipping and billing info. Proceed through your shopping cart until it asks you to select a Payment method, select “Check/Money Order”, and continue. After pressing the “Process Order” button it will take you to a temporary invoice for your order print out this page and send it in with your payment. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Money Order, Cash or Check. Personal checks can take up to 7 business days to clear. For FASTER service, please use a Money Order. No checks accepted drawn on foreign banks.

Q: What is your guarantee?
A: With thousands of products sent, we’ve never had a product returned for poor workmanship or materials. The products are very labor intensive with a 15 step process completed before they are sent. We have a high standard of quality control in place. Because of California state law, any type of product being worn as an undergarment cannot be returned. As well, each of our products are custom made and, therefore, are not returnable.

Q: How do you care for the product?
A: This product is made of 100% latex rubber. After use, wash with mild soap and towel dry. Make sure the soap you are using does not contain any oils or petroleums. The hair is a synthetic hair and excess brushing will pull the hair and straighten it, so it is better to pick (with a hair pick) the hair rather than brush it. To maintain the integrity of the product, dust with powder and store in a cool, dry area when not in use. Only a waterbase lubricant, such as K-Y is to be used with this product. Avoid use of petroleum based lubricants, solvents, vegetable oils or butter as these will soften the latex which can cause deterioration. Avoid direct sunlight which may cause tanning of the latex. If you find it necessary to trim the edges after wearing it for a period of time, you can do so with a pair of sharp scissors.

Q: How do you wear it?
A: Place the knotted string through the loop behind your back and pull snug. Center the appliance in the front. Adjust the knot to center in the back as close as possible. You may have to retie knot to accomplish this. “Button” the knot in the loop. Now the knot should be in the center of the back. Wrap the excess string of the buttoned end around the waist string. Pass the gaff string between your legs and up and under the waist string. Pull down snug and hold. With one hand, reach into the front of the appliance and gently lift the genitals up, placing them behind the pubic hair of the appliance. Holding the string snug in one hand, use a hand held mirror to determine the snugness desired. Secure the gaff string to the waist string with a half-hitch knot as if you were tying an apron. Wrap the excess string around the waist string on the other side. This may sound complicated, however, when you have the product in your hands or on, it will become very natural.

Q: If I measure my waist in centimeters what is my waist size in inches?
A: Multiply by .39 and you’ll have inches. Round up to the nearest number.

Q: How do you fit your penis into the bladder?
A: The “Bladder” is equipped with a hole for the penis. Stretch the hole allowing insertion of your penis as far down as possible. Your penis will be held in place. Your penis does not have to reach the bottom of the “Bladder” it is designed not to leak and the urine will be released appropriately. If needed, you can trim the opening larger with sharp scissors, do this in very small increments. Make sure to leave a smooth edge when cutting.

Q: Can I get a skin tone to match mine?
A: Yes. The best thing to do is to go to a craft store near you and look at the small bottles of Acrylic paint (brand names DecoArt by Americana or Ceramcoat by Delta).  There should be a wide array of colors. Choose one that would best match the skin tone just above your pubic area. Write the color and brand name down.  E-mail us with your order and the color and we’ll make the product for you.  If there is not a craft store near you, you have two options…you can either snail mail us a color sample of the appropriate makeup foundation on a piece of paper, or send us a picture out of a magazine with the color circled and we’ll match it as closely as possible. There is an additional charge of $40 and there will be a delay on custom colors.

Q: What about hair style?
A: You can have a product with any type of hairstyle you wish. Hairstyle #6 (we call it extra hairy) has an additional charge of $45 dollars. Click here to view your options and the cost. If you wish to order a special hair style, please make sure to choose the option on our online shopping cart.

Q: What hair color can I get?
A: We have 9 different colors. Black, Brunette, Brown, Light Brown, Auburn, Red, Golden Blonde, Strawberry Blonde, and Dishwater Blonde. Click Here to see a sample of our colors.

Q: How do you ship your packages?
A: All of our packages are sent via Priority Mail with Signature Confirmation. Meaning you will have to sign for your package.

Q: Do you ship discretely?
A: Yes, Inside the United States all packages are sent through Priority Mail. All products are sent in either a postal Priority Envelope or Box unless you product is too big, then you will receive your package in a plain box. Your Priority label will include your shipping address along with our Return Address.  International orders are sent via US Postal Service International Express Mail. Including the customs form which indicates the package is a costume. The only countries we do not use the US Postal Service for is Germany and Mexico. These packages are sent via UPS, a cost will be determined for you at the time of your order. There are never any markings as to what is inside the package.

Q: Do I get a tracking number when shipped?
A: Yes. You will receive an email from the USPS Click-n-Ship system with the tracking number upon shipping.

Q: How long can you wear the vee-string™?
A: If you wear it loosely, it is no different than wearing a pair of panties. It can be worn all day. If you wear it tight, you may perspire and the latex may cause a temporary rash if worn too long. Dusting powder, such as baby powder, can help prevent this. Clean after every use.

Q: When I wear my vee-string™ vagina, the string tugs on my tailbone and is very irritable. How can I prevent this?
A: Lubricate the string in that area with K-Y and this will allow comfortable movement with no irritation. You may find that it is actually pulling hair causing the discomfort. You may want to trim or remove the hair.

Q: How does one use the bathroom while wearing the vee-string™?
A: Simply disconnect the gaff string and reattach it afterwards.

Q: Can the Original Vee-String™ or Bladder Vee-String™ vagina be penetrated?
A: Yes. They are modeled to the size of an adult female vagina and can be penetrated by an average adult male penis. However, there is no canal or sleeve to accommodate the penis. There is just a slit in the bottom of the vagina. The latex memory allows it to stretch and return to a normal size. Treat it as you would any female vagina…with tenderness.

Q: Do you sell to stores?
A: At this time we have begun wholesaling the Vee-String™ Products. If you are a dealer and would be interested, e-mail us and we can provide you with the particulars.

Q: Can I buy a copy of your mailing list?
A: Absolutely not. We will not sell anyone our list…nor will we give it away. We appreciate our customers. We are in for the long haul and respect the privacy of our customers.

Q: How can I get the product without sending it to my home or office?
A: All of our packages are sent Priority mail. You can either obtain a post office box, mail service box, or we can send it to you care of General Delivery to the post office nearest you. We will e-mail you the date we ship, it will be at your post office within 2-3 days of shipping. We can only offer this service for orders inside the United States.

Q: What happens if I don’t get to the Post Office in time to claim my package?
A:  Each product we make is custom made. Therefore, if you do not claim your product when it is sent and it is returned to us, you will be charged the applicable postage/handling fees. You will then be given the option of being charged for reshipment of your product or a 15% cancellation fee and  cancellation of your order.

Q: What happens if I need to cancel my order?
A:  Each product we make is custom made. Therefore, you will be charged a 15% cancellation fee on the total amount of the purchase that is made and not sent out.

Q:  What happens if I need to cancel my order and my order includes additional custom work?
A:  If your product is a color matched product or has been customized by you for any reason other than a hairstyle, size, or menstrual kit. You will be charged an additional 15% cancellation fee on the total amount of the purchase, on top of any other cancellation fees.

Q: What happens if I need to cancel my order before it is made and my credit card has already been charged?
A: Unfortunately you will be charged 10% of the total amount of the purchase due to credit card processing fees.

Q: What happens if my order has already been sent out and the Post Office returns it to Castle Supply for any of the following reasons: Insufficient Address, Unclaimed, Refused, Attempted – Not Known, No such street, No such street number, No Mail Receptacle, Box Closed, Moved with no forwarding address, or vacant?
A: You will be charged any additional shipping costs over the original shipping amount plus all re-shipping costs.

Q: What happens if I need to cancel or return a product that Castle Supply does not manufacture?
A: You will be charged any and all restocking fees required by the manufacturer plus all shipping charges. This restocking fee will be a percentage of the total amount of the purchase.