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Castle Supply has been a leader in the manufacture of high quality feminine vagina products since 1998.

1980′s – Our creative genius was making Halloween masks for his children.  He became a sculpting artist creating special effects for the movie industry.  At one point he was asked to create a female illusion for a male actor.  Thus, the “Vee-String” was born.

1990′s – Several attempts were made to market the Vee-Strings on a limited budget in the print media.  Late in the decade, there was this thing called “The Internet”.  We went to a website developer and started our journey.  The website was launched April 15, 1998.

2000′s – The new millennium has been very good to us.  The Vee-String line has expanded to 7 options, each with different functions.  However, the initial intent has never been lost.  Each one of the Vee-Strings will fullfill the feminine illusion.

Our product line continues to evolve.  We take every suggestion seriously.  The Castle Supply staff are always looking for ways to improve our products and create new, innovative designs.