Sheath w/Urinating Bladder Vee-String

//Sheath w/Urinating Bladder Vee-String

Sheath w/Urinating Bladder Vee-String


Now you can have it all…The Sheath Vee-String Female Vagina Prosthesis is available with a urination function. This is not a Pocket…it is a “bladder” that will accommodate most penis sizes. However, when you order, if your penis is extra large or small, let us know so we can accommodate you with a correct bladder size. Your penis is placed into a hole in the bladder, which holds you in place. The bladder does not hold liquid, but allows for an even flow. The vaginal sheath is behind the bladder making this anatomically correct. This is also available with the Menstrual kit, which may be called an “Ultimate Vee-String Female Vagina Prosthesis?”…One product with all three functions!!!

The Menstrual Function on the Sheath Vee-String, Masturbator with Sheath Vee-String and Sheath with Urinating Bladder Vee-String is simply a latex pouch on the side of the tube.  There’s a hole in the side of the sheath.  It comes with a two ounce bottle of theatrical blood and a dozen small reclosable plastic bags.  You place the blood in the bag and poke a small hole in the bag with something like a pin.  Place the bag in the pouch with the hole close to the bottom of the pouch.  As the blood warms to body temperature, it starts flowing out the sheath.  You can use tampons, but to protect your clothing, it is recommended you use sanitary napkins as well.

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Care & Handling: This product is made of 100% latex rubber. After use, wash with mild soap and towel dry. When not in use, dust with powder and store in a cool, dry area. This will increase the integrity of the product for a longer life. ONLY A WATERBASE LUBRICANT, SUCH AS K-Y IS TO BE USED WITH THIS PRODUCT. AVOID USE OF PETROLEUM-BASED LOTIONS, SOLVENTS, SOAPS, MAKE-UP, OR FOOD PRODUCTS SUCH AS OILS OR BUTTERS Avoid use of petroleum based lotions or solvents. Avoid direct sunlight which may cause tanning of the latex. The V-String Vagina is designed to completely hide everything necessary to allow your Secret lady to emerge and make your transformation complete.  Sold as a novelty only.


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