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Our Customers Tell Us How Much They Love Us…

How about joining in on the fun…write us and let the whole world know how much your Vee-String has helped fulfill your feminine illusion.

Angie from Jersey
I'm not surprised that you can't find my original order - I purchased my Vee-strings quite a while back - at least 10 years ago! I have an original model, and also one of the first urinating models. Both are still in excellent condition, and continue to give great service ( and pleasure ! ) I did modify the anus a bit and added a butt plug and it helps keep it in place. May be a good idea for future development. I truly love my Vee-strings , thank you for providing such an excellent product ! Angie
Tatum from Colorado
It's been 2 weeks since I started actively wearing my Vee-String Masturbator with Sheath and it has been wonderful. I wish I had found Castle Supply when I was 12-13 years old and first began actively dressing en femme and desiring to look and feel like a woman. I have had several fantastic masturbation (with dildo penetration) sessions that have led to hands-free orgasm heaven! Despite some modification, I have had some minor chafing around the immediate shaft portion of the head of the penis that sticks through the hole. That may be due to the fact that I pull the lower string super tight. I just pull the head back inside if it bothers me too much during everyday wear. It gives me the most visually pleasing and stimulating 'feminine mound' especially in my workout tights. It definitely makes me feel MORE feminine than ever, and I can now wear all the sexy panties and outfits I own. It's huge for confidence! I WILL get another Vee-String(s)!
Kirsty from Spain
Just to let you know that I have received the new combined sheath/masturbators.  I am delighted with them and equally delighted that you have decided to launch them as a new product...it is the perfect combination of three things; I can experience penetration plus the stimulation of the glans at the same time,  together with the ability to urinate without having to change to another Vee-String. What more could I ask for?  Thanks - Kirsty
Dear Ladyone I don't know how to say thank you enough for developing such a great product as the Bladder Vee String I have been wearing mine since the day I received it well not constantly haha. I never thought I would ever find such a product but I am so glad that I somehow stumbled across your site you are a God send. I just love it I feel so much more like the person I should be thank you. It has taken me a little while to figure out how to actually pee while wearing it but I think I'm getting the hang of it. The quality of workmanship is amazing and I love everything about it. Once again THANK YOU a million times over hugs and kisses Scott
Molly Delaney from Cleveland, Ohio
Hi everybody! I'm a female masker and T-girl for fun. V-strings have been part of it for a long time. For everyday I use the bladder & sheath version. It's modified slightly and worn incorporated into a bodysuit, usually for 3 days at a time. What a great idea from another girl below, to use a bit of medical adhesive, already on hand for my face mask. Girl peeing, the whole tuck down feeling is SUPER. It's gone ladies. You can feel the new plumbing working, you will still feel the erotic sensation. Girl masturbation is legs thrashing shrieking intense! Penetration works as you can see. I've done the guy side too... HOLE-EE CRIPE!!!! For erotic pictures I've gotten a new sheath-only V-string to get the absolutely up-snuggest fit. I'm actually 58, greybearded. Neighbors think Molly is my daughter when they see her coming and going.Maskers get with it: it takes two to tango. It's beautiful mindblowing magic.  Molly
Brianna from Manitoba, Canada
This is my second V string and my first Masturbator V. It is fantastic. I've been on hormones and have large breasts - about 38 D. Your new product has many subtle improvements. It gives me all the pleasure I could possibly want and feels sooo good with my clit right where I want it. The appearance and feel are wonderfully life like. The hair (Red #6) is almost beyond belief. No need to even think about "the operation." My own tendencies are lesbian and this weekend is going to be very, very good. I would like to go 24/7. We shall see!
Now have two of the "Bladder Vee-String" vaginas and can only attest to how much a woman it makes me feel to be wearing them. I alternate the two and wear them EVERY day all day with no difficulty. I thoroughly clean them with mild soap/water each day and they have held up as original as new!!! I modified them both by enclosing the 'thong' string in surgical tubing for more comfort. I also adhere the top portion of the vagina to my skin using Hollister Medical Adhesive - the material color almost blends with my own completely....there has been no breakdown of the material with the use of the adhesive....clean the adhesive with Hollister Remover...just remember girls to be baby smooth shaved all over that area......it is SO wonderful that I look forward to having to take a pee!!!!!!!  Claudine
I am a crossdresser for more then 25 years, with lots "experience" , frequently we go out shopping in the Fort Lauderdale / Miami area ( Wilton Manors ) and we visit monthly clubs like XFP and the Kinky club. Normally when I dressed, I had always worn control panties or a girdle to hide my unwanted appendage. When I got my V string two weeks ago, I just loved it. It feels so natural having a nice hairy bush and a vagina between my legs. Now I have no longer anything to hide and I love the way my bush looks through my open cross panty. I can now wear any kind of short skirts in the knowledge that all anyone is going to see is my pussy. Having a pussy has given me more confidence, for example using changing rooms in the women's department. I even used the women's rooms when I had to pee. It looks natural, and feels natural, and ones again has increased my confidence 200%.
I received my Vee-String yesterday, WOW what fast delivery! It was only a couple of days, I am AMAZED! I had no idea it would be this comfortable! I had to trim the sides of it, but it fits like a dream now! I feel so amazing not taping anymore. No pain, and I can go to the bathroom whenever I want! I will DEFINITELY use this until I have my SRS done. This product.. well I just cannot get over it, truly a life changing product. Thank you, so, so, so much for designing such an incredible thing and for making my life so much better and fulfilled feeling.
I just absolutely love my new Bladder Vee-String. Not only can you pee sitting down, but it is like having someone inside you all the time. My lover likes the tightness of my pussy and really gets off on screwing a "real" lady. You manufacture the best product.  Bonnie
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I received my bladder V-String the other day and could not believe how wonderful it looked AND how feminine it made me feel. I actually sat down and peed like a real woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could not believe how transformed I felt. I no longer had to hide my maleness. It was gone in an instant and all that remained was a 100% woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With my new V-String and my breast forms I never ever felt so feminine in my entire life. I can't thank you both enough. You have made this crossdresser a total woman now!!!!!!!!!!! Dana
Marie Elizabeth
I love my new V-String™. I received it (via registered mail) just the other day. It proved to be extremely comfortable and easy to use. I wore shopping one Saturday and did not have a problem. It was comfortable to wear. One thing girls - please remember to use some body powder when using the V-String™ for an extended period. I can't wait until I buy a sheath V-String™. Love - Marie Elizabeth
Hi, Just received my hairy puss last month and am having a blast with it Thanks! L.O.L.   Terry
I received my Bladder and Original V-String™ vaginas several months ago. I'm hooked , I wear one or the other all the time. The Bladder is great when I'm out on the town with the other girls bar hopping and dancing. In the ladies room its the very best! I wear the Regular V-String™ when I'm on the prowl. I ran into an old lover and he could not believe his eyes when I spread my legs for him. I never felt so feminine. I let him do things to me that had never been done to me before . It was the best time in my entire life . I now know how it feels to have sex as a woman, its wonderful. Thank you so very much for a wonderful product. I will be ordering two regular and one Bladder one very soon. I can't imagine not having a V-String™! Tazzan, UK
Being a cross-dresser/transsexual, having female characteristics is very important to me. A distinctive female trait is urination from the sitting position only. My Bladder V-String™ satisfies my need to have a feminine urinary function. When cross-dressed, the reminder of my maleness when I used the bathroom is distressful. (A woman does not void like this.) My Bladder V-String™ enables my urination process to be just like a woman's. A "process" of the normal aggravations women face daily such as the need to remove clothing, wiping afterwards, and wearing a panty liner. Also, my clothing feel more appropriate. That is, as a bra is made with cups for a female breast; a panty is made with a closed crotch for a female urethra. Thanks to my Bladder V-String™, urination can now be accomplished without seeing or touching my penis! Great product!  Rose
I received my beautiful V-string™ Vagina a couple of months ago and think it's time to tell you how much I love your product. I can't tell you how much money I've spent buying adult toy vaginas and then cutting them up trying desperately to create a real looking female crotch between my legs...with no success. Your product is perfectly designed and so well made that when I wear it, I look and feel totally female down there. I can come home after a frustrating day, slip into my pussy, get dressed, and really have the look I have always wanted. The fit is perfect and I can wear it for hours on end. Thank you so much!!! I am anxious to purchase the Bladder vagina soon. Enclosed is a picture...Seems like I can't stop photographing myself since my V-String™ appliance arrived. Love to compare notes with other girls who like to look down and see a precious vagina between their legs.  Paige
Hi, I really enjoy the look my v-string™ provides as it gives a beautiful female appearance. Quite comfortable and easy to put on. It really gives me the pussy look I can only dream about. It really turns me on when I wear my v-string™ vagina when I dress up. I'm planning to try the pocket version as soon as I can. Hope you like my look. Sorry I can't show my face but hope the pics of my pussy will be turn-on to my fellow crossdressers out there. Hugs & Kisses - Yvette
When I received my v-string™, I had to go out of town. My trip gave me an excellent opportunity to try out my new "look". After I first put it on I didn't take it off until I arrived at my destination, some 800 miles away. The trip was four hours by car and a two hour flight. I found the garment to be very comfortable. I was in heaven the whole trip, knowing I had the look I have always wanted. The prosthesis is outstanding! It looks better than I expected. The color match is good. (Sister of color.) The detail is great. You make a fine product. I do appreciate your working with me to give just what I wanted. If I get the nerve up, I will forward a picture. Thanks again for all your help. I sure will be ordering a second prosthesis in the near future.
Cindy from Pennsylvania
My V string arrived Friday. I haven't been out for awhile and decided to go have a few drinks at a T friendly bar near me, while testing out the v string. It was awesome. I love the v string. About an hour after I put it on, I noticed my posture and movement have changed. It was so wonderful to not worry about something popping out or getting loose and ruining my body language. I felt calmer and more relaxed than ever. So much so that I "forgot" about my male genitalia completely. Three gentlemen hit on me and one even kissed me! (a first). It was so much fun! Being turned on while wearing the v string was interesting. I loved it!Thank you for such a great product, I finally feel like me. I've been wanting a v string for almost ten years and I'm ecstatic to have one. Thanks for a wonderful weekend!
Bri from Florida
I have owned my original Vee String for many years now,with great satisfaction and pleasure.I modified it by sewing the tie strings together at my waist size and trimming away excess.I put my Vee String on like a pair of panties and often wear quite comfortably.
Brandy from Pennsylvania
Dear Ladyone, I just had to say thanks so much for coming up with this product. I just received my Masturbator V. I put it on and I was in heaven. I put a brand new pair of panties on to go with it. I loved the feeling of touching my self and feeling a vagina and not a penis. I went about doing normal things in the house and before I knew it, my panties were soaked. So went to the bedroom and played with myself. Wonderful is all I can say. Thanks again - Brandy
Thank you guys so much. I've been wanting this for years and I finally have one now!  Here's my video using the Bladder Vee-String. You guys Rock! Thanks again - Christine
Danielle from Pennsylvania
I just put on my first V-String today and must say that your product is amazing. I never imagined it would be a product that would change my life, I am thankful that your company is out there to provide something so perfect for all of us girls out there. I have instantly decided that I will have to order a second one from you in the near future as I would love to have a second one on hand. Again thank you so much. Danielle
Margot Moore here from Australia
I still am in love with my Vstring after winning it eons ago (April 26, 2011)  xx Margot
Gaby from Wellington, New Zealand
I wore one for two days, and this is how I did it, at New Zealand's Transgender conference; I was completely shaved; A good coating off Baby Powder is required; Stick your penis through the hole and completely lubricate with a water base lubricant (ie - KY, Wet, etc.) This allows the movement while walking etc and stops the chaffing. It has to be through the vee string at least the whole head; I then placed the this vee string onto my penis, using medical adhesive putting glue on the top half of the unit penis up and down the sides etc; Hold the bottom strap through to the back side; Push firmly and tie the two strings around waist etc; Tie bottom strap thru to the waist one; Allow a few minutes for the glue to dry and re-tie all strings or check. If powder correctly and glued you will have no trouble wearing from 7:00am till midnight, like I did for two days. The only problem, I had was it wasn't completely dry, the next morning. Going to the woman's toilet, is a breeze. I went to a lecture on Sunday, on how to dress in a womanly fashion and hide your manly features. Your Vee Strings got mentioned, but there was no information on them so at the end I demonstrated your device, by removing my skirt, my knickers and standing one leg (with heel highs on) on a chair completely exposing my body girdle and stockings, my penis sitting through the top hole of this Vee-String. The reaction was one of shock (good kind of response), and I can't mention the words that where said, due to censors may be watching. Your new unit is excellent, and I recommend to any Cross Dresser around, which ever part of the World He/She lives.  Gabby
Layna from Japan
Yesterday, I received Masturbator V that I ordered for the first time. Fantastic! I've been dreamed to be a female with some magical product like this for a long years, and it comes true at last. I thank you very very much!! And I want one more and wish to be another girl. So I order hairless Masturbator V this time. Last time I chose 30 size and it fits well, but I want shaven one that fits tightly to be a teen-age girl. I'm so glad to find your web-sight and your marvelous products. I wish your company will progress more and more, and give us a lot of new products that bring us more pleasure. Thank you.
I received my vee-string with sheath and bladder and absolutely love it! I don't know what I did without it before. The effect is simply awesome, especially with pantyhose! My god it looks like the real McCoy! Well it is real enough until I can afford for the Doctor's to fix me into the real McCoy. Erica
Hi ladyone, I just recieved my V-string original, and the only thing I can say is thank you the product has changed my life for the better! Thank you and i bless your company. Sean
Mrs. Silk
Here's a picture that we took at a party. Love your product. It's the only one I endorse. I recommend it to all my girls. Keep up the good work.  Mrs. Silk

Cindy from Pennsylvania
My V string arrived Friday. I haven't been out for awhile and decided to go have a few drinks at a T friendly bar near me, while testing out the v string. It was awesome. I love the v string. About an hour after I put it on, I noticed my posture and movement have changed. It was so wonderful to not worry about something popping out or getting loose and ruining my body language. I felt calmer and more relaxed than ever. So much so that I "forgot" about my male genitalia completely. Three gentlemen hit on me and one even kissed me! (a first). It was so much fun! Being turned on while wearing the v string was interesting. I loved it!Thank you for such a great product, I finally feel like me. I've been wanting a v string for almost ten years and I'm ecstatic to have one. Thanks for a wonderful weekend!
Alyssa from Nevada
I just recently received my Masturbator V with sheath. Before I ordered this product, I had tried tucking and it was painful for me. I was getting very frustrated that I was unable to  completely dress as a woman. As a transwoman, being able to dress as a woman and passing is important to me. I immediately put on this vee string and was amazed. I FELT and LOOKED like a woman. I closed my eyes and reached down, and felt the genitals I am supposed to have!! I wore this all day and even to work!! I love this product and highly recommend it to any transwomen or CD's out there who want to appear fully female without the pain and hassle of tucking!!! Sincerely, Alyssa from Nevada
Hal from Colorado
Your EFB is wonderful!!!!!! Figured out how to really use the 3 different holes...My wife and I LOVE your products.  Hal
My sissy girlfriend Randi Michelle a contest winner
While she is not yet living and working as a woman, that will start soon, she does wear her V-string now 24-7. I was amazed at how docile and even more feminine she became once she started wearing her V-string all the time, the transformation in her overall attitude was remarkable and needless to say I was very, very pleased. And it acts like a chastity device of sorts; she tells me that it is much more comfortable than the CB2000 chastity that I had her wear earlier. I hope to video tape her going to the bathroom so she can be posted in your video section along with the other three videos. I'm looking to buy a Flip video camera this week. You make a wonderful product and if a T-girl wants to feel more feminine, it is a great investment. Here's a photo of my girlfriend Randi wearing her V-string with anopen-bottom girdle, stockings and high heels. I think that she's showing a great deal of promise. Maybe the next time I can get her to smile 🙂
Sissy Carolyn
I love all things feminine. Probably because my mother treated me as a girl until I was four years of age. Through the years as a child I would sneak into my mothers room and fondle her clothes dressing in her lingerie. As I grew I found my sisters clothes fit me better I was caught on a number of occasions and punishment followed usually a spanking. Trouble was I was excited when lying over mothers lap on her skirts and soon getting erections and eventually orgasms happened. Through the teenage years I purged many a wardrobe only to start collecting again. In the early 90's I found your site and bought two V strings which are still in excellent condition getting a lot of wear. Thank you for your site - Yours in hose and heels Sissy Carolyn
I had to write to thank you for my new "vagina." It is SOOOO wonderful. It is much better than I could have ever dreamt. I feel so fem in it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I wish I never had to take it off.Hugs and kisses, JenniGrace
Before I received my v string I had always worn either control panties or a girdle to hide my unwanted appendage. When I got my v string I just loved it. It is just so lovely having a nice hairy bush and a vagina between my legs. I no longer had anything to hide and loved the way my bush looked through my panties. I can now wear any kind of panties even sheer panties comfortable in the knowledge that all anyone is going to see is my pussy. Under pantyhose I have all but stopped wearing panties and love the way that my bush shows through. Having a pussy has given me the confidence of not only using changing rooms in women's departments, but using women's rooms when I am out and have to pee. I have had sales ladies help me with skirts when I was dressed below the waist in only pantyhose or panties and stockings and never be aware that my vagina was not real. It looks natural, and feels natural, and has increased my confidence without measure. I now wear it every day. One thing I was worried about, even though when I purchased the pocket v string, I was assured that it would not be a problem, was being penetrated. I was happy to find out that my boyfriend had no problems inserting himself into me. In fact he likes having sex better with me wearing my v string. As for me having him cum inside of me while I am wearing my v string makes me feel delightfully feminine. April
This photo is a night when I was out with friends at a club and I was telling them about my vee-string, they dared me to show off up on stage... not one to refuse a dare, this is the pic they took... I've had my vee-strings since the early 90's and I still use them. Thanks - Diane
Let me start first by telling you I am 50 years old and have been dressing most of my life. Right now I spend at least 60% of my life as a woman. So it has been very important to me to be as close to a woman as possible. I received my Bladder V-String right before I went on vacation. I wore it for the whole week, and it was great. I love the feeling it gave me. If you want to have the feeling of having the closest to the real thing, I highly recommend this product. Thanks Again, Jeanette. P.S. If anyone would like to discuss this or anything just email me!
Hi there! I'm Sindee - a Midwest girl who travels both coasts. Love high, high, heels - long, long nails - revealing outfits to show-off my realistic and awesome Castle tits (just modest C cups for now - but wait!) - and V-string™ pussy! Let's discuss the joys of sexy sisterhood and dressing to kill and see what happens! I'm passable, tall, slender and under 40. Love to all of you at Castle. You make a TV sister's life so much better! Kisses-Sindee
I would like to thank you ladyone and castle supplies for giving me the chance to really be a woman. The V-string is really a revolution. If i had to give it a rating it would be 2 thumbs up, 5 stars, and whatever else you can think of hehe. The product is of great quality and the customer service is an equal to that of the product. I could not be any more happier than I am. Ladies, I recommend the V-string as it is worth every dollar you spend. Tara
Hi, my name is Lorena I am originally from Mexico, currently living in San Diego. I just recently received my Vee-String. I am very satisfied with your product, I love it I like the way it looks on me the, way it makes me feel, so sexy...I sent you this pictures of me wearing your Vee-String!!! Hope you like them!!!! Lorena
Hello. My name is Jessica and I would just like to say I just got in my VEE STRING with bladder and menstruation kit today, and was thrilled at the fact the directions all made clear when I went to try it on. It really is so easy! Had to make a little adjustment to the penis hole, but it is REALLY comfortable. I can't wait till I go to the klubs now! It feels really natural and looks great. I wish to thank you on this remarkable product and will share the information wherever I go. I am adding it to my COOL SITES on my profile! I have seen similar products offered but they looked nowhere as good and some were very cheap in price and craftman(woman)ship. (Remember girls, you get what you pay for..) You really are transformed within a minute of putting it on. Once again, THANK YOU for this wonderful product. It came just in time to head out to the klubs tonight! HUGS! Jessica! 🙂 🙂 🙂
Danielle from Pennsylvania
I just put on my first V-String today and must say that your product is amazing. I never imagined it would be a product that would change my life, I am thankful that your company is out there to provide something so perfect for all of us girls out there. I have instantly decided that I will have to order a second one from you in the near future as I would love to have a second one on hand. Again thank you so much. Danielle
I have had a great time using my fake vagina and a recent story of it can be seen on the confessions page. This device truly makes me feel more feminine. Barb
I'm just letting you know, I received my Vee-String bladder vagina today and I'm very please with it. I haven't taken it off yet, its been 3 1/2 hour so far I'm planning to wear it all night. It is so great to look between my legs and see a hairy pussy there instead off something else thank you very much it really does look like I have a pussy between my legs. I Love It!  Bobbie
Diana X
Just wanted to say "THANKS!!!"...  Diana X
Jo Anne Marie
Dear Ladyone :), I just had to write and thank you again! The service you provided me has been above and beyond the call of duty!! I have done business with you in the past, and always have received the best service, however my name has changed dramatically since then, in fact so have I. 🙂 Sincerely, Jo Anne Marie
Thanks for your support to the TS/TV community. My V-String makes me the woman I always wanted to be!  Bonnie
I want to thank Castle Supply for making such a great product like the Bladder V-String™ , I will soon have 9 of them. I love them all and wear mine every day 24/7they are very comfortably to wear and gives you that feminine look and feel. I would recommend them to any one searching for this type product, and don't waste your money looking any where else if you do you won't find it, these are the very top of the line. Photos on the way soon...
Jennifer Han
I received my V-String™ a couple of weeks ago and I Love it. I had to do a double take in the mirror when I saw it, I couldn't believe how real my new pussy looks. So I asked a girlfriend of mine to come over and check it out. I did all the tests, wearing my skirt with no panties and having her sneak a peak up my skirt to see my pussy, wearing my short shorts, all of them. My girlfriend said that I even act, talk, and walk more feminine when I have the V-String™ on. The V-String™ product is absolutely incredible. I will send you some pictures as soon as I can. Thanks again Ladyone for everything. Love - Jennifer Han - MO
I have bought your Bladder V-String™ and I think it's greatest thing to have come out for the crossdresser. I wear mine every day all day long. The ease of putting it on is remarkable, not as difficult as I had thought. I really love the fact I can sit to urinate as a female, and my clothes fit so well I think it's just fabulous. The construction and quality of the V-String™ is top notch. I can't say enough about it, maybe my pictures well convince you of how happy you have made me. These pictures show my V-String™ and my breast that I had gotten from you. It was great to spend a week en femme in Las Vegas wearing your products, I felt so femme I just loved it, nobody was the wiser thank you so much for such great products. Please add my pics in your testimonies thank you so much. Love Cheryl
Of all the femme products I have purchased over the years, your V-String™ is at the top of my list. I recently had a make over then took some photos wearing my new vagina. The look was absolutely incredible! As you stated, despite sounding complex, the process of getting it on and adjusted is quite simple. The service you provided me was in itself superior. You took the time to send me colored samples to make sure I obtained the closest possible match. Then within just a couple of days of indicating my choice, the garment arrived! I would love to talk to other "girls" about their experiences. I will answer e-mail. Thanks for helping Denise become a reality."  Marie
I received my vagina in the mail just before Christmas. Talk about a Christmas present. It is great. I've had only a few opportunities to wear it and need to do some adjustment to make it more comfortable for LONG TERM wearing, but it looks great and gives me the look and feeling that I've always wanted. I've enclosed two pictures. What do you think? Realistic???? Barb
Having just returned from a 3 day trip (entirely femme), I must take this opportunity to praise the performance of my Bladder-V-String™. From Friday 5:00 am until Sunday 5:00 pm, I wore it during all waking moments, without discomfort. By using a little medicated powder, chaffing was minimal. It clearly survived the necessary trips to the ladies room, including the airports. Even there, the construction creates a natural release that sounds right. If your boobs are anywhere near as good, this will be as complete as I could realistically imagine.  Andie
I just received your v-string™ with pocket and I truly love it. I especially love to now have to sit to pee, it truly wants me to have the operation. I really love to wear your prosthesis as often as I can and I have been promoting it as often as possible. Here's my photo! Love - Bobbi
I haven't had time to take a picture of myself wearing my new pussy, but just wanted to tell you that I just love it and the way I look and feel in it. Whoa! is that me? Thanks also for sending it general delivery to my post office. Great idea! I am looking forward to ordering the "pocket rocket" (Bladder V-String™)! No leakage? That will be very cool.  Sasha