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Closet sissy cross dresser mid 30’s.  Dreaming that one day I could be playing dress up with my wife.  Where we can be like 2 girl friends.  Where we share clothes from each other and we can go out shopping and clubbing together.  Meet hot men and flirt with men.  Where we can chat about our relationships with men and more girly things.  It would even get better if we meet a couple of bbc s and hang out with them.


Hi girls,love reading about all of your confession. Here is mine I was about 4 or 5 when I asked my mom that I wanted to dress up as a girl for Halloween so she did it felt so good at I want to do it all the time. THE year’s passed I was about 9 or 10

 When I got me a paper route I went to collect for the papper the man asks me in so I did the next thing I know I was sitting on he’s lap. One thing lead to another I found myself and him in the bedroom naked and I could see his long tool. He lifted my legs up in the air and slid it into me it felt so good to have him going in and out of me for what seemed to be a long time then all of a sudden he stopped all the way in me and shot his load in me. SO when he pulled out of me he lied beside me I thought this what being a girl is like and I was hooked. I want to be a woman ever since and to this day I dress when ever I can. I would love to hear from all of you. Linda


My name is vanessa and ive been crossdressing ever since i can remember. I am 27 years old but always had a desire to transform into my inner woman. When i was young maybe at age of 13 or 14 i remember the necessity to try on my mothers lingerie. (she was an average fit woman) In My younger years i was very discreet my mother had alot of sexy lingerie and all sorts of heels i could dress into. I eventually started driving when i was 16 and had a part time job at khols, so i managed to have money to buy myself things. One day When home alone in the house, i would get old jeans and with scissors cut them down to make mini shorts or skirts. I felt like i was designing my own clothes lol since mom did not have any slutty shorts or skirts  When ever i would walk through the walmart isles and passed by the bra section i felt a connection with them, I would stare and look at all the the available options there were and colors. When i first drove to a retail store like walmart i was 17 yrs old and will always remember the excitement. there i was  driving to walmart at 1 am (because there is less people) going through the panties section was just a rush and wanted to get everything. I ended up grabbing a pair of pantyhose, boyshorts, a thong, candles, i was a complete rush for me i remember. I got home and got everything ready. I showered and shaved my whole body. Got my thong and then my boyshorts. I proceded to wear my pantyhose and i was already starting to fell the sexiness in my legs. Grabbed some high heels from mothers closet and a blouse that made my fake boobs look nince. Everything stayed that way until one day i started to experiment with the internet and found a lot of interesting people. I have neve been able to make an actual dress up friend tho since everything just led to sex which i always opposed. but now i sit here thinking its time to make a change in my life and bring out the inner woman i have inside for good.

My wife after years of putting up with my crossdressing had enough. She started having an affair with a man she had met during a lunch break from work. He was good looking and a manly man. They devised a plan to get me out of the way. They hunted online and found a man that wanted to feminize a male. He was introduced into my life by what I thought was just a chance meeting of a new friend. I began hanging out at his house watching TV and doing normal things. Until one day he asked me if I would dress as a woman for him . I was shocked but so interested and excited I agreed.  He said his ex wife had left some clothes and I should have been curious that they were my size. I began dressing as a woman for him all the time. Then one day we were drinking beer and I passed out. When I woke he had fitted me with a gaffe. This one had a surprise. It was with an electric shock device. He demonstrated it for me and it felt like knives thrusting up my penis into my balls. I was told to get dressed and when I returned to the living room in my pink dress and high heels was met with my wife and her new lover. My wife told me she was going to enjoy watching me being taken by this man and molded into a proper woman and wife. Wife! I said, and then the shock hit me. I was forced to sit in front of my wife and tell my new man that I loved him and wanted nothing else to become his wife. Over the next several months my wife got her wish as she watched me become a submissive housewife to my new husband. I was even forced to get a job in a woman’s clothing store where I became quit the fashion expert. It’s fun being a woman!

I am a 50ish yr old crossdresser that nearly had SRS back a few years ago. I have been dreaming of a fantasy for some time know. My wife is not supportive of my crossdressing and our sex life has become non existant. My fantasy involves my wife and I getting involved with a man in a deal to steal money from the company he works for. Me and my wife get greedy and try to cheat him of his fair share and he catches us. He is able to set us up to look like we did this alone unless we do as he says. He forces us to get a divorce. He then makes my wife move in with him and become his girlfriend. As for me I am given a very special punishment. The man’s parents are dead but he has a living step father that is a widow. I am forced to move in with the stepfather and they begin to feminize me. I am taken to Mexico and have surgery to make me look older and give me feminine features. I am given breast implants. I am castrated but my penis left in place to remind me of a life I will never have again. I am fed large doses of estrogen. My now ex wife is made to watch as I become her boyfriends stepfathers wife. I also look like I am in my late 60’s instead of early 50’s. The stepfather sets up a wedding for us and my ex wife has to be my maid of honor. After becoming a wife me and my ex wife are made to become girlfriends and do girly things together.  We all 4 would also have nights out together. She had to get used to watching me perform in public as a man’s loving wife. After time we both become happy well kept women that are in love with their men. Jon

Hi, my name is Angel. I am a Two Spirits person, which means there’s two of us in one body. My brother, the owner of the body, is a straight man living in a man’s body, but in his brain not only is his spirit but also mine. I am a straight woman without my own body, so I “borrow” my brother’s body when I want to experience physical life. I say my brother because since we both are in the same brain, it is like if we were twins. I am a bad girl, and I’ll tell you why. Since I borrow my brother’s body to experience physical life, and since my brother’s body is a male body, I have to put on my female clothes, make up and wig, so the body better reflects me…a woman. The problem is that I like sex with men, and by having profiles in different dating sites, I’ve had several dates in the past years. In those, I had the pleasure to experience sex the Transsexual way, which is anal sex. Also, in those dates usually they start with some drinks, and it is not strange after a date I end up almost drunk and sore! Just imagine, I borrow my brother’s body and return it drunk and sore with anal sex, and he is a straight man! So you see, I am a bad girl! Just imagine the man, a college professor, and his sister, a slut! But she doesn’t have her own body, so she borrows her brother’s body and use it as if there was no tomorrow! Then the man has to deal with a worn out body while trying to do his normal, family life. I know, I am a shame. We have such different lives. My brother is a family man who loves his family and lives a quiet life of introversion, observation and analysis. He is not a college professor, but that’s the image that best reflect his kind of life. Me, at the other hand, want to live life to the fullest; trying crazy things and experimenting. I am a nudist and love to take nudity pictures to post in my site in the internet; and love sweet sex with a man, make love to his cock kissing it, rubbing it in my face and sucking it, and being taken and fucked in my mouth and ass. I dream of being tied down in a bent over position while blinded, and then being fucked by several guys; yes, Gang Raped! I haven’t done that yet, but what I’ve done so far is more than enough when using a straight man’s body, to be abused that way, to then be returned to him to suffer the pain and soreness for something he would never do himself. We are a Two Spirits person, something many people cannot understand; and we have different personalities and lives while sharing the same body (his body). If you want, I have many stories I can tell you of the naughty things that happen when I go out as a woman. Kisses, Angel

My name is Chrissie and love to wear my bladder v-string and panties under my work clothes, that way I can masturbate when no one is looking. When I come I have to walk around all day with a sticky cum soaked gusset.


Hi I’m Tatum (birth class of 1968). (You can skip to the bottom of this confession to see my review of the Masturbator with Sheath V-String) My journey shares similarities to many here, but also has its unique differences. Trying to sort out my childhood memories is a little difficult as I feel like I may have ‘buried’ a few things although I think I’ll get most of it right. I think two experiences may have occurred near the same time in puberty (late 70’s early 80’s) – exposure to pornography and an intense desire to try on women’s clothes. We lived in the country and I am the youngest of three boys. My parents would go into town and leave us at the house. Sometimes my brothers would ‘wander’ off and not be seen for awhile. One day, for whatever reason, I see that my mom and dad’s bedroom door is closed so I figure out they are in there and I begin pestering them to let me in. They let me in and they are on my mom and dad’s bed with some magazines. I can only assume they said don’t say anything so we looked through Playboys and Penthouses. They showed me where they were on the top shelf of my dad’s closet and showed me how to stack them and put them back the same way they were taken off. (I’m assuming my dad has the porn because he taught at a boarding school and the students had porn but it was contraband, so if was found during an inspection it was confiscated). I was HOOKED. I loved reading all the Penthouse forums and the centerfolds of the Pet of the Month. I LOVED everything they wore for the photo shoots. And, yes, I got ROCK hard every time I cracked the covers open. Again, because I loved what they wore I began to get into my mom’s dresser and started experimenting with wearing her clothes…panties, bras, nylons, stockings, slips, and her limited heel collection (no stilettos – that I found at least; and no garters). She had wigs as well and as I recall I absolutely went full on and dressed many times with those items including a dress. Anytime my parents went to town on errands and was given the option to stay home or go to town, I stayed home to get a fill of Penthouse and dress. I often dressed while reading Penthouse. Then after a suitable amount of time I would find myself masturbating to orgasm to close things up. I believe that I did take a pair of my mom’s stockings so I could wear them whenever I wanted. I was a skinny boy then and could not put on any weight at all as a 12/13 year old. I was so thrilled to see my sexy legs in those hose. At this age as I masturbated I fantasized about being the girl, having a vagina, and being fucked. I would stroke my perinium and my cock. I went so far as to also video myself (1981-1984). I imagined myself as the girl as much as I did being the guy. I had no idea at all that my anus could/should be used. Although of a slender build (120 lbs) and shorter (5’4″) for my age (high school freshman) I was very athletic. I did have one glaring sissy trait. I seemed to cry a lot, and it usually had to do with how I felt when I did not do as well as my brothers in school. Any test that I didn’t get a B or better I was teary-eyed basket case. I did get called a cry-baby. Multiplication tables stumped me for awhile as did math over the years and it was tough. This continued even in high school. Again, I was pretty athletic, so that seemed to balance out any ridicule or bullying due to my crying. I attended Catholic grade school and one vivid 7th grade experience was when I had a couple of best friends over for a sleep over. We talked about the teachers (who were not nuns) in our school and we all picked who we thought was the hottest and why they were. That then led to us ‘pretend’ fucking that teacher on our young skinny boy bodies through our underwear – essentially frotting to some extent although we did not kiss. Not sure if it was my idea or one of the other boys. I want to say that was the one and only time it occurred. I’m not sure where my conscience in regard to dressing developed from, but somewhere I knew the difference between male/female dressing and so when I did dress I was conscious that I should not get caught. I’m not sure if my mom ever noticed her things askew or not. If something happened and she said something I probably blotted it from my memory. I want to say at one time I did ask her about a woman’s undergarments and clothes and she talked to me about them. I believe I even watched her put all those things on to go out parties at various times. Throughout high school I was mostly focused on academics and athletics. I was shy and likely because of my cry-baby past had some lingering self-esteem issues. I never really dated or hung out with the opposite sex because we lived in the country and I really did not believe I was that good-looking (based mostly on the physical attributes of my big nose – which I later had work on when I had sinus surgery). My dressing went dormant until I got to college, and after a couple of girlfriends found myself taking and at times wearning my girlfriend’s panties. After college when I started working I was really focused on me so dressing was dormant, although I still continued to love everything feminine. I had a revolving door of girlfriends and eventually a fiancé (I called the wedding off). After all the sex I had with women, I still had desires to dress the part but took no direct action as I was so engaged working and enjoying the outdoors. I continued to date online and then one sexual moment took me back in time to my adolescence. A girlfriend and I were in foreplay and she reached her hand down to my balls and stroked her wrist along my perinium and moved her fingers around my anus. It reminded me of how I used to rub my perinium when I was dressed and fantasizing about making love as a woman. Unfortunately, that relationship ended as I met my now current spouse. In retrospect we got married too soon. Again, I got busy with the whole ‘American Dream’ family thing but I was still drawn to my wife’s panties and lingerie and wearing them for me. Unfortunately she is smaller than me, so that creates a size issue. Plus, I would never describe her wardrobe style as ever encompassing the full on sexy look I’m wild about – heels, stockings, garters, etc. I was shattered on our wedding night when she told me she doesn’t like to wear heels because they hurt her feet. About 6-7 years into the marriage (2008) I was giving her a backrub and I straddled her calf. The rub of my perineum on her leg again aroused me tremendously and brought back those wonderful sexual feelings that were completely unrelated to my penis. This was the age of the internet and I decided I needed to learn more about those physical feelings of the perineum and anus. After a lot of reading I bought my first prostate massager. My passion for dressing was renewed and stronger than ever! I started exploring the numerous options online for clothing and sexy items. I began dressing privately whenever I could and I realized I felt VERY sexy when doing so and it made me happy. I started with the sexy basics – garters, stockings, stilettos, and panties. I would occasionally use one of her bras but finally got breast forms and bras. Yes, concealing all of that is a challenge but I have been able to do so (to my knowledge). I moved on from my prostate massager and got my first vibrating dildo. From there I continued to read and explore the sexual pleasures of the anus (Dr. Jack Morin – Anal Pleasure and Health is a great book). It gave me more and more confidence. I finally decided to go all out with dressing AND make up. Through an online connection I was able to get assistance and got made up. It was AMAZING and I felt so wonderful inside! Due to my situation I never get to dress or do make up as much as I want, but I have been able to have a fun journey so far. I have met some truly wonderful people and have been able to fulfill several of my desires and fantasies. I expect to continue down this road. I’m not sure if I want to transition MTF – it would be a big undertaking and I’m so proud of anyone who had done that or FTM. I do see ladies on estrogen with natural breasts and wonder how I would not only look, but feel with real breasts. There is a lot that goes on physiologically with hormones so I’m hesitant to go there just yet.*************To further my journey I recently bought (Sept. 2015) the V-string Masturbator with Sheath and I highly recommend it to anyone who is even thinking about it. This week I was able to get some alone time and I wore it all day. I wore it with a great pair of short shorts that I recently bought. At first I had the sheath in back of the v-string and along my perineum and inserted my dildo there to see what sensations arose. It was a fantastic feeling as I moved my hips and masterbated my clitty. I then decided to insert the sheath in my anus and insert my dildo into the sheath. That did take several tries and was a little more challenging than I expected, but once I did get things in and going it was fantastic. I was able to ride my 8” inch dildo while masturbating my clitty and it was HEAVEN – the physical side of my femininity was finally aligned with my thought and desires of being a complete woman. I approached orgasm and the point of losing control several times but decided to wait until another time. The V-string held up excellent and again took all of the 8” without any issues. I can’t wait to wear this from now on (dressed or not) to fully complete my feminine feeling and look. Tatum

Hi I have been a very bad sissy. For one month I was taking my estrogen daily and my breast were growing nicely and I was feeling sooo fem all the time. As my Brest were growing they were soo sensitive and my nipples were always erect and I was actually starting to pass the budding stage. I was in a state of constant sexual arousal and my nipples and breast were not only staying erect but were also very tender to the touch. The tenderness was a little uncomfortable but also very sexually exciting. I was actually starting to show through my shirts and noticed that people were paying a lot of attention to my chest area and of course that made me feel even more sexually excited all the time, my sissy clitty was still able to maintain an erection and I was able to climax all the time even if only passing a very small amount of cum. As I was progressing into a more feminine stage I all of a sudden started to doubt my true desire to become a total feminine sissy and stopped taking my estrogen supplements. That is when I stopped my supplements and and began to behave in a more masculine manner . My breast were still very sensitive and my nipples still always erect and I so enjoyed the feeling of still having some mammary growth, but after 3 weeks my sensations are going away and I finally realize that more than anything else I want to be a sissy fem boi. As of today I have started back on my estrogen and feel so confident as I begin my journey to being a sissy boi . My sissy clitty is,still tingling as I look forward to pleasuring my male and or other sissy lovers. Can’t wait till this weekend when I will be going out to play in my new fem attire and totally sissified attitude. I know that I am a woman inside and my breast make me feel more like a woman on the outside. I am so happy to finally accepting the face that a sissy sluttt and can’t wait to pleasure other sissies and men. My sissy pussy and sissy lips re sooo in need of a cock to fulfill my true needs mm more later kisses your siissy slutt – Summer

I first put on women’s clothes when I was about 4 years old and it just felt so right. I dressed in secret from then forward till I was 20. When I turned 21 I put on a bra and panties and thigh high stockings then jeans and a tee shirt and sandals and when to an adult book store, I looked around at some of the gay and Tgurl magazines as I noticed a middle aged man watching me. I got some tokens an went into the video arcade dropped in some tokens an picked a trannie film, about a minute later the man that was checking me out walked in and said “you need some company sweety”. I just nodded my head and he closed and locked the door, he unzipped his pants took my hand and put in inside of his fly and said ” now be a good little slut an take care of your mans cock”. I wrapped my fingers around his 8″ cock and removed it from his pants an gently stroked it till it was hard. He said to me ” on your knees gurly ” and I dropped to my knees, he said ” good, now suck it like the little slut you know you are”. I licked the head of his manhood and then slid my lips over the head as he placed his hands on the back of my head and began to slowly pump his manhood in and out of my hungry mouth. I was shacking with excitement as he continued talking dirty to me an dominating my as I totally desired. He worked my mouth for more then ten minutes and I was in heaven, knowing that this is what I really should be, a submissive little slut to be used for pleasuring men. He tightened his grip on my head an told me that you are about to reserve my reward an “you are going to swallow every drop.” Then he began to ejaculate a huge amount of sweet hot sperm into my mouth and down my throat saying ” yes gurly, swallow all of that load, you know you love it” , and I did. Then he took his manhood from my mouth an wiped it on my face telling me ” your such a dirty little slut aren’t you, be here tomorrow at the same time, I am going to breed you”. He slapped my face with his manhood an then put it in his pants and walked out the door leaving it open with me on knees looking like a used slut. Stephanie

My confession….I was always the little sissy boy who didn’t fit in with other boys my age. Small for my age. I still don’t weigh but 125 lbs and stand 5′ 4″ in my stocking feet. Mama was a hippy left over from the 60’s. So I grew up in the old hippy atmosphere of peace, love and acceptance of others. I don’t think even Mama knows for sure who my father was. But that’s ok….. we lived on money my grand parents left Mama but were smart enough not to just hand it over. So Mama got a check each month and that’s what we lived on. There was always more than enough. I finally finished high school and decided not to go to collage. Instead I decided to take classes in small business. Mama ran a head shop that also sold close and about everything else. I had been helping her run it for years because actually, Mama didn’t have a head for money or business. It was while working in the shop one day that I met Rick. He came in and I like to say we were attracted to each other at first sight. True or not, I like to think of it that way. At that time I weight just over a hundred pounds and since school I had let my blond hair grow out. It was down to just below my shoulders and I kept it pulled back. That day, like many others, I was wearing one of Mama’s hemp blouses that we sold in the shop. But this one was Mama’s and had little flowers on it but it was still what I would call gender natural. Rick smiled at me and asked my name….. “Robin”, and that he liked my shirt. Then he left. I didn’t think to much about it. But he was cute for a guy and he was nice. Then he started coming back about every day and it got to where I looked forward to him coming. He always said something nice to me. There was no way he didn’t know that I was a guy but still he treated me like I was a girl. Then one day he asked me if I had a steady girl friend and I said no. So he asked if I had any boy friends. I told him no and I think we both blushed a little. I finished ringing him up and he paid but instead of leaving he stayed and kept talking to me. He asked if I dated and I said some times and then he popped the question. “Would you like to go out with me sometime?” I was really surprised. I didn’t know what to say. I wasn’t sure what he meant. “Ah, you do realize that I’m a boy?” He blushed and said; “Sure, what difference does that make? I just asked for a date, not to go to bed with you.” “You date guys?” “Sometimes, when their as cute as you.” “What do you do on these dates with guys?” “What ever you like. How about we go out and get something to eat and we can talk it over?” I didn’t know what to say…. or do. “I don’t know.””Well, think it over and let me know. I’ll see ya tomorrow.” With that he said good bye and left. Later that day I told Mama a guy had asked me out on a date. I was thinking she would laugh. I wasn’t ready for reaction. She asked; “Are you going to go?” Like it was something normal. “Mama, I said another guy asked me to go out on a date with him. A man. Same sex as me.” “So, young people have to experiment.” The next day, sure enough Rick came into the shop and of course asked me if I had decided to go out with him. When I didn’t answer right away he told me that he really would like it if I would. With a thousand butterflies in my stomach I said yes and I know I must have been bright red with blush. He gave me a big grin and asked if Friday night would be OK. I can not explain in a million pages how I felt and all that went through my mind until Friday finally got there. Also, Mama wasn’t any help. She took it all in stride and was more concerned with where he would be taking me so I would know what to wear. But Mama was a space cadet. I use to tease her and say she ate to much sunshine when she was younger. A lot of times I would just call her sunshine and she’d know what I meant. But I loved her 🙂 I had given Rick my phone number and he had called me a couple of times during the week. I had given him direction to our house which was only a few blocks from our shop. He showed up on time and we finally got away from Mama. Rick took took me to one of those chain restaurants. When talked a lot but really about everything except us and guys dating guys. It wasn’t until we had left and he took me to a park that any real talking about ourselves came up. He gave me a short version of him and I gave a short version about me. I told him I was really surprised when he asked me out and he said it took all the nerve he could muster to ask me. He told me he had dated guys before and I couldn’t keep from asking if he was gay. He said he thought he was bi. That he liked girls but girls didn’t have anything to offer and famine guy’s really turned him on. I didn’t know what to think of that statement. We really didn’t do anything special on that date. He did get me on the swing set and he pushed me…. to high. He did take hold of my hand once to help me get up a hill and I noticed he held it after I didn’t need any more help. This caused the butterflies inside me to flutter. Also, while we were sitting on the hill I took a real good look at Rick. He’s a white guy but with a good sun tan. Thick black hair and muscular. I’m guessing but at that time I’d say he weighed about 160 lbs and stood about 5″ 9″ or 10″. He looked like he was very strong. His face was boyish and he a had a wonderful smile. Also he was very humorist and made me laugh a lot. It wasn’t until we were on the way back to my house that he again took hold of my hand and asked if he would get a good night kiss. There was that boyish grin on his face again. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t know what to say. So, I told him I didn’t know what to say to that. But when we got to my house, he walked me to the door. “I had a good time tonight. I’m happy you asked me.” “I enjoyed it to so we should do it again. OK?” “Sure. When?” “Tomorrow afternoon? That way we’ll have more time.” “OK, call me.” At that he moved in toward me and I realized he was going to kiss me. I started to run. I started to say no way. I started to do a lot of things but really, I couldn’t do anything but let him. The moment our lips touched, it was lighting struck. Ran right through my body and down my legs which became weak. It was just a short little kiss but then he did it again. And then again, except this time it was a deeper kiss and longer. Suddenly I realized I was feeling his bead stubble on my face…. hey.. a guy is kissing me. I’m being kissed by another man. But I couldn’t stop. I don’t know how to explain it but I know it was the best kiss in history. Then I realized his arms were around me and pulling me toward him. My own arms had gone up toward his shoulders. Finally, I knew I had to stop it or I was going to climax right then and there. “Oh, Rick, we should be doing this.” I pulled away from him. He said OK and asked if he could call me when he got home and I mumbled something? It must have OK because he did call. But I couldn’t go in the door with out first turning quickly and this time I gave him a quick little kiss and said “Good Night.” Mama said something as I walked past her and went to my bedroom where I fell across my bed trying to figure out all that had happened. Mama asked me if everything was alright and I said yes I was just tired. Anything to get rid of her right now. I had to think and think I did. At that time I slept in just my tight whites and a huge t-shirt that comes half way down to my knees and I’d just got the shirt on when the phone rang. It was Rick. He asked me if I was upset he kissed me and I told him no. We talked for over two hours and I felt better. It wasn’t until I was going to sleep that it came to me. Every since I met him he had treated me like I was a girl. Every thing he said to me was as if I was a girl. The next morning I was still thinking about it and decided that if wants me to be a girl then why not dress more like a girl. I had already came to the conclusion that I liked it when he kissed me and that “if” he did it again I would let him. But if I looked more like a girl maybe I’d have a better chance of him doing it. So I dug through Mama’s close to see what I could wear. I took a pair of her jeans, a shirt and a pair of her tennis shoes. I could get by and not look to faggy. I had told Mama he kissed me good night and what kind of response did I get from her? “That was nice of him.” I give up, she’s nuts. I boy tells his mother a boy kissed him good night and that’s all she’s got to say? Sunshine moment. Rick picked me up and I saw he noticed what I was wearing. Then I had to question myself if he liked it or not? Anyway, we went riding around and he opened up to me. He said that he liked guys. He liked to have sex with them. That girls didn’t have what he liked. I asked what did he like and he told me that he loved to give head/ Then he told me about how he got started, with a friend, and that later when started dating girls… in his words…. “they were missing the best parts.” Men didn’t interest him but feminine guys did. I told him I had never done anything with another guy and actually never did much with girls. But I did confess that his kissing me was not only exciting but kept me up most of the night thinking about it, and that I was glad he had done it. That’s all it took. He headed straight for a lonely spot where we could be alone. Once there he not only kissed me, he really, really kissed me. There I was, making out with a boy, and loving it. The next thing I knew he was feeling me off. It was so exciting I couldn’t have stopped him if I wanted to. He was treating me like a girl, and I was enjoying it like a girl. The next thing I knew my shirt was unbuttoned. My jeans were down to my knees and his hand in my underwear. Then he totally did some thing that drove me crazy. He kissed and sucked on my nipples. He worked his way down and started to lick my cock. I don’t have a very big cock but I’m not a very big person. Still he was able to get almost all of it in his mouth. I have to confess here… that was my first blow job. I tried to stop him before I cumed but he wouldn’t and I couldn’t hold it any longer. It was the strongest cum I had ever had. I couldn’t do anything as he kissed his way back up to me where for the first time I tasted cum in his mouth. We laid there for a while with him kissing me and asking if I enjoyed it. I could hardly answer him. We ended it and he started to drive me home while I tried to get my close back right. We sat outside my house for a while and talked about it. I admitted that I like it and that he drove me crazy. He was holding my hand and telling me how he loved doing it. I was scared he was going to ask me to go down on him but he didn’t. I told him how he made me feel like a girl and he said that was what he had wanted to do and asked if I liked being a girl. When I told him yes he said good and for me to be as much of a girl as I could be or wanted to be. He walked to the door again and kissed me good night. That was the end of our second date. Mama asked me how my date had been. I couldn’t help it, I had to talk to some one so I told her almost everything. In the middle of it, she interrupted me to ask; “I know that’s my blouse but are they my jeans?” “Yes, Sunshine, I borrowed your jeans.” Oh me, that’s my Mama. This has got to long for Castle Confession. I didn’t mean to write a book 🙂 I guess if you want to hear more you’ll have to e-mail me 🙂 Hugs and Kisses, Robin Molley

Hello ladies. I have been a lifelong, closeted, crossdresser currently in my early 50’s. About 6 years ago I had what I thought at the the time was a close support network to whom I had come out of the closet. They were supportive and helpful encouraging me to come all the way out and go public. Feeling bold and empowered I did just that. Wow, was I in for a shock. My network of “friends” evaporated and I was publicly humiliated. What I was most unprepared for was the anger and hatred I experienced from my own family. Needless to say I jumped back in the closet and locked it tight. Most chalked it up to an emotional crisis and it was soon forgotten by all but me. While everything on the surface appears to be back to normal I still feel a certain amount of resentment. Well anyway, I have continued to dress in private and have not allowed myself to completely trust any supposed friend. Unfortunately that leaves me feeling desperately lonely. I am at a point in my life where I am starting to reach out, looking for others who dress, for support and friendship. Of course that is a bit difficult as I live in a rather conservative part of the country. Anyway, my femme side is a very strong part of my life and will never go away. I love this sight and love reading your posts and am grateful for the opportunity to share. Blessings. Barb

My first V-String arrived in the mail Saturday morning. I couldn’t wait to try it out. Goddess bless, I have been in a blissful state since. Thank you so much. I love this website and have enjoyed reading the posts here in Confessions. I will write more, soon, telling about myself and more of a confession. Barb

Last week I got dressed in my high heels, panties, stockings, black pvc skirt, bra with breastforms, pink blouse, full make-up and wig. I walked in my living room and the guy across the street saw me and was shocked. I felt embarassed at first, but now I’m glad he knows. Women I know have seen me dressed, but this is the first guy that knows me. Beth

Hello Ladies. I just love reading these confessions. I am a 38 yo male 5′ 11” 245lbs. Live in Dothan AL. I would love to find a tgirl that is ready for a man to treat them like the lady they are. I am 100% real and hope to hear from you soon. David

I worked at a job, that takes me to all parts of the country. I had to go on location in FL for 4 and a 1/2 weeks and asked my x brother-in-law if he wanted to have my apt because it was a lot closer to work for the time I was gone he said he would love it so I gave her the key, and off I went .I was gone for 4 and a 1/2 month not weeks. when I got back all I could think of was getting dress and looking as hot as I could, I spent all day getting into my very tight red leather corset, red patent leather thigh high six inch stiletto heels, black nylons, red patent choker with gold studs and big gold ring on the front, long red nails, long big gold earrings,lots of hot pink lipstick with red lip liner, very black sexy eyes with long lashes, short red hair, a really hot sexy perfume, that would make any man very very hard. I fixed my self a drink and just felt so hot and sexy! I was in the living room and the front door opened it put me at a lost to who had my key and then I remember about my x-brother-in-law , and was at my wits and what to say. He looked at me for a min and said I though it was you in the pictures I saw in the dresser they looked a little like you but I was not shore I have to say you look better in real life, wow! you are soooo hot he said, Can I get a little closer to see if you are real or just a dream because if you are real that lipstick is going to be all over my cock in about two min’s. I looked at him and all I could do was melt in to his arms He kissed me and the tongue that I so long to feel was in my mouth, I didn’t know it was going to be his tongue but I was glad it was, It didn’t take two min’s it was more like twenty and the kissing was as hot as any kiss I had in years. Before I new what was happening my earrings where bouncing on his thighs as I went up and down on his hard cock taking it deep in to my throat. In know time he erupted in to my mouth I swallow all I could and licked the rest clean . It was the first and the best day of my new life . Melinda.

Hello my Name is Felicity and I’m a 44 year old straight CD/TV from the the Philadelphia area. When I was 16 I crossdressed in the summer of 1981 with my GG Cousin. As a boy I always loved sports,tonka toys and all the boy stuff and still love guy stuff, but I always had a “female” side of me. In male mode you can’t tell but when I’m dressed femme, you can see that I’m built like athletic female,I’m 6’3″ 200lbs but slender,have broad shoulders thick arms but not muscular like most men,have a cup breasts which are nice,not flabby an boobs and my best feature are my legs. I definitley have women’s legs and I’ve been told by a GG that I have legs that a lot of women would kill for. After that summer, I stopped because I feared if it got out that I dressed in girl’s clothes,I would’ve been made fun of,called everyname in the book in school. I didn’t start dressing again till a couple of years ago when my wife decided to spice things up and ask if I would get dressed up in women’s clothes. So we went on online and ordered a wig,panties,dress,etc. when it arrived I put it on with make up and when I looked in the mirror,I couldn’t believe how great I looked dressed femme plus that comfortable feeling from 1981 came back and I knew my inner female is out and she’s not going back. I told my wife right there about 1981 and how I always desired to crossdress and loved femme stuff. She is very supportive of it and except for going to work,out with friends and family, I’m dressed femme at home most of the time and sleep femme every night. Even though I’m a guy and when in guy mode I’m totally male,but when I drees femme,my femme side comes out,plus I always felt more comfortable with women doctors and love spending time with women in general. I’m going to get a little “adult” here so I hope no one minds but all the women I’ve been with I always like them on top of me and like when a women takes control of me in bed.My wife sits on my face all the time, and when we are in bed,I have my wig on and I’m a submissive lipstick lesbian. Her sitting on my face,rubbing her clit and her tasty pussy juices running in my mouth which I swallow. Talk about heavenly bliss.Well that my confession,hope everyone enjoys. Felicity Erica D.

Hi, gurls! I’m a life long trannie who’s always been and is still deep in the closet, but who goes through periods when she’s ready to just burst out and sashay her way down Broadway in her most feminen finery. Usually I simply go to a dressing “salon” to get dolled up, after having been through countless purges and have been married for umpteen years to a wife who knew, participated, decided it was NG, and now thinks I ‘m “over all that” Sigh! If I only were- if she only knew! Anyway, my last dress up session involved being with a dom (GG) who had me being her sissy slave big time. After much bossing around, some lite spanking, and my protesting about how I wasn’t “like that”, during my photo session she ordered me to pull out my pathetic little clit and start stroking it for the camera! I was so shocked I just stood there with my lipsticked mouth wide open! She saw I was having second thoughts and slapped me hard across my face and shouted at me to “DO IT!” Without further decision making on my part I immediately obeyed her and pulled my flacid little pee-pee out from under the panty and panty hose. My embarressment was such I had a hard time initially getting it to stiffen, but after her snickers and the warmth of her slap fresh on my face I began to redden and found myself groing firmer to the touch. After a few strokes I became extreamly excited and begged her to allow me to ejaculate, but please do not use or the post the images or use them on the internet. She looked at her live-in slave who was watching the entire episode and gave him/her a wink which sent shivers down my spine; my photos were obviously going to be posted as another faggott sissy jacking off while in drag, but at this point there was nothing I could do. I shot my load, all the while thinking I was going to be blackmailed or forced to do something even more grotesque. Her slave quickly cleaned up the mess and I was allowed to “de-compress” and undress, but before I left she made a point of showing me she had gone into my wallet and gotten my real name and address while I was en femme, despite this being an internet hook-up and an all cash proposition. She has since sent me an email demanding I come back for another session, and I am terrified but so very excited this might be the end of one life style and the beginning of another! God, my wildest dreams are coming true and I am terrified! Help!Love, Jennie

I did something yesterday that I thought I’d never do. I serviced a man in a public place. It was mid morning and I was shopping “en femne” in a local dept store. Business was slow and the place was almost deserted. I was admiring a cute silk blouse on one of the racks when I noticed him. A young man in his late 20 eying me across the aisle. I don’t pass extremely well and I could tell that he had read me..and that he was also very interested. since there was no one around, I shot him a flirting little smile and made my way as calmly as I could to the near by fitting room. I entered the booth at the back of the hall, partially closed the privacy curtain, took a seat on the bench, and eagerly waited to see what would happen. within a few seconds the handsome young stud entered the booth and closed the curtain behind him. We both knew what each wanted therefore with out a word I slipped off of the bench and down onto my nylon stocking covered knees. He quickly unzipped his pants and produced a lovely and quite thick 7 inch cock. In less than a second or two it was passing between my lips and deep into my warm inviting mouth. I proceeded to enthusiastically blow the young man for the next 5 minutes or so. His thrusting in and out of me, the hem of my skirt brushing against the backs of my calves, the danger of being was sooo intoxicating. Soon my young beau erupted and filled my mouth with his warm cream. Again, without saying anything he zipped up his pants and exited the booth. I sat there a few minutes savoring the experience. I felt a bit like a whore for having done it but then I guess that’s part of the fun. I was wondering if any of my other sisters have ever had a similar experience? Emma

My wife has been so understanding about my dressing. I hid it from her for many years…at least I thought I did. She knew something was happening after she went to bed. One night she came out to my studio in the back and I had forgotten to lock the door. What a shock she had seeing me all dolled up. It was several weeks later when we talked about what she saw. After talking it over, she said she’d rather know about it and accepted my alter ego. We have gone out several times even though I do not pass in any way. I don’t like to go out because of that. Even when I
go to tg events, I usually do not dress unless we are in someone’s home and I feel safe. So, if you are on the fence about telling your girlfriend, wife, or s.o., you may be surprised at how accepting she is…however, everyone is different…so don’t take my experience as gospel truth. Have fun no matter what you do. Thanks Castle Supply for letting me tell my story. Robin

Hello Paula, I love this site and all the girls. As to your questions, You say you are Bi but you have never been with a man????? Tell your friend you are TS and let him make the decision, maybe your trying to hard. he has ask you out, go with him. Most CD’s and TS’s are very readable and you may be too so if I am right he knows and he wants to take you out anyway. Most guys that date CD’s and transsexuals are looking for sex thinking they are easy so you may want to be careful not to put your self in a position you would not want to make a complaint about if he was to get out of line. Good Luck. Christy

Bi-sexual t-girl, started to go out en femme this summer and met a male friend that I have feelings for. He texts me at different times and I just dont know how to approach him. He has seen me dressed to the hilt (by accident) and I have fantasized about being with him. He always treats me respectfully and is so nice. When I was a teenager, I would go clothes shopping with my sisters and mom, I would look at everything a girl my age would wear. I always would be interested in men when dressed as a female. But now I am attracted to men even dressed as a male. Recently, I saw a man stretching in a locker room, getting ready to do a workout in the pool. He had a speedo suit on and an incredible body. I was immediately aroused as I went into the adjoining bathroom and couldnt wait to get another peek at his sculptured body. Getting back to my friend, I would love to dress as a female and go out on a date with him. It would be a dream to kiss(hours) and hold him. I would do anything he requested, pleasuring him would be the least I could do. I even have an outfit all picked out. He has asked me to visit him over the winter, but I dont want to blow it(no pun intended) and show up dressed as a female. Any suggestions??? Paula Ann Bulloch

My mom caught me numerous times when I was a teenager, dressed to the hilt. She eventually let me dress as a girl after begging her. When I was a senior she took me shopping to get some clothes for myself and started to dress at home more. Throughout my high school years I would give my neighborhood friend a bj or hand job. It was a very private thing and no one knew it went on. My mom gave me permission to actually go on a date to the movies with him. It was the greatest night of my young life. It took an hour to get myself made up, my mom actually helped me with my foundation and especially my eyes, I never looked better. I wore the sexiest panty and bra set(pink nylon) and black thighi’s with black 4″ heel mules. I had a silky skirt with multiple colors of black, pink and white. With a v-neck red top and beautiful necklace. What a feeling to walk into a movie dressed to the hilt as a women and to be with someone you have feelings for. Jake kept feeling my nylon thigh throughout the movie and I couldnt keep my hands off him. I couldnt wait to get to the car and feel his beautiful cock in my hand and then take it in my mouth, swallowing his load. I am 23 now, living as a women and cherish everyday, love the site. Becca Cary

I live I Dayton Ohio..Are there any Castle Cuties in my neihborhood? CynthaJanes

Been wishing to escape the closet and begin a new life as the woman I’ve always wish I could be. I have this fantasy of sucking the cock of my neighbor…He keeps complaining about his Girl friend…All the man wants is to have a good blow job and she plays games with sex. I would like to ask him to call me and ask for Cynthia to pay a visit…I want to get on all my best…and go to his house and pout my hands on his crotch and feel a dick grow..Feel it get so big and me get so excited that I have to “Unzip” him and stare at a hardon…Get close to it and finally open my mouth and take it ion. Lick the head and really suck on it till I get a mouth full of pure pleasere…I don’t know if I am a cocksucker or not..But I do know I want to experience a BIG One in my mouth and even the kiss on a mans lips has got my excitment bubble on. I’ve got to et dresseed and then I’ll be back….I love dressin as a woman cyntha janes

Hi I am a long time crossdresser and I’m finally coming out of the closet. I am gay. john

I love playing with dildos too,they are fun to use on my girlfriend and on myself when she’s not around. I have several sizes for fucking her and some for oral sex.She likes me to fuck her with one and then watch me suck her juices off then French kiss her.Dildos are the next best thing to being there.My girlfriend says she loves her 8″ pink dildo the best it is so soft to the touch and feels real inside of her.When I dress up sexy I like playing lesbian and we fuck each other with dildos,she gets fucked with her favorite one and I get fucked with the hand shaped dildo or she fucks me with her hand sometimes. Sindy

I am a staight married man that has a fantacy of being taken advantage of and then taking advantage of a TG Craig

Hi Kristy – My name is Julie. I have been dressing as a schoolgirl and playing with my dildos and I am very good at it. I have changed my dildos Throughout the years, starting with small ones. I have fucked Peter North Dildo many times having him cum in my ass over and over. Everytime he shot inside me I would completely melt and open up. There was also the Ron Jeremy Dildo which I fucked for years until until I found my present plaything the amazing Lex Steele 11″ long thick fat black cock. I am melting in my panties thinking about it. I have fucked these toys in my bed, my truck inside the truck andin the rear bed on a couch pillow. I recently climbed out the window of my house on a warm summer night and fucked on my roof, and If any neighbors were looking, what a show they got. Send me your email and I will send you some photos and videos if you like Julie

I am wondering if anyone out there has a dildo habit? I just watched “Real sex” and it was about dildos for boys and girls. I love to play with dildos. I use them on my girlfriend and some times she uses them on me. We have all sizes, some vibrate and one squirts liquid. It is my favorite,I Fill the bulb with Ky and I can fuck my mouth and squirt cum down my throat and it lubes my throat and I can fuck longer. I like to watch her fuck her pussy with it and squirt Ky into herself and then I eat her and pretend that she was fucked by someone else and I am eating her juices and his cum and I often cum playing this out. She Likes to help me dress as a school girl and she likes fucking me with a big dildo untill I cum and then she wants me to fuck her. I fuck her first with the squiter. I haft to wait for a while before I can fuck again after I cum so I use the dildo to keep her going until I can get hard again. I live in Portland Oregon, I’m 25 and my girlfriend is 31 and we both like viberators and dildos. We would like to hear if other people like to play with dildos. Please post somthing here to turn my girlfriend on. Kristy and Gene

I have fond memories of the first time that I ever sucked a cock. I was 14 years old and I had been wearing my older sister’s clothing for several years. I was over my friend’s house. His name was Francis. He was very much more sexually advanced than I was. I am sure that he had no knowledge of my desire to be a girl. He would tell me about his experiences with girls. How they would masturbate him and he would give them a hankerchief to clean his cum. I would go over to his house quite often and no one would be home but Francis. One night as we were sitting on the couch and he was telling me about a girl feeling his cock I asked him if I could touch his cock. He was somewhat surprised. He was not sure of what I said. I reached over and touched his crotch.Francis then knew that I wanted to touch his cock. He unzipped his pants and took his hard cock from his briefs. Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh how wonderful it was to touch another boy’s cock. I kissed his cock and took it into my mouth. His cock felt so wonderful in my mouth. It was not very long before Francis shot his warm load into my mouth. I remember that night always. Robin

I had a similar episode as Bobbi Ann Mason’s when I was a freshman in high school. I would always wear my older sister’s lingere, sqirts, shoes, her makeup, wigs, I loved it. There were boxes of old clothes stored in the playroom downstairs and it is where I spent all my time. I couldnt wait to come from school and wear her things. I was always the weak one in the neighborhood or in school. Boy’s wouldnt dress near me in the locker room, calling me gay or a fag. I wanted to be a girl 24/7, I would dream of going to a dance with a boy, sitting close to him in his car. When I was a freshman in high school, the only boy that was nice to me, came over to hang out. I didnt know he was coming and was dressed to the hilt downstairs. I was wearing my sister’s sexy blue nylon panties with garters(attached nude thighi’s) and matching satin bra. I was wearing a nylon silver mini dress with silver mules. I was just playing dress up as I did everyday. I was putting on makeup when David walked downstairs and caught me in the act. He started laughing and what was to do but just act like it was no big deal. We hung out for awhile, sitting on the couch and he would look at my exposed garters and stockings. I thought about all the times I wanted to be a girl and be with a boy. I just started to hold his hand and rub him softly on his leg and eventually worked my hand up to his balls. I unzipped his pants pulled out his cock(I was so nervous), and started to stroke him. I was even kissing him all over his body, he was definitely turned on. He started to cum and without hesitation put my red lips on his thin cock and swallowed the rest. It was a day I will always remember. Paula Meredith

It makes me so happy to dress and wear my VString. Once it warms up to my temperature, it becomes like a second skin. OOOOOOOOOOOOH it feels soooooooooo good. Joy

It has been several years since I’ve posted . It’s good to have a “Private” PC again. A Good body shave is really important. The smooth touch is sooooo sexual and womanly. It seems like it’s taken me years to get it together…..Now it’s shower time…Cream rinse is a great help. I’ve beeb pulling my nipples alot too…got some change! Very soft No Hairs. I leave a patch in the Pubic zone ( Well trimmed look’s good) Haven’t nicked my legs for long time and they stay silky soft too. (I love the feel of fresh smooth legs in a new pair of Silken Mist Leggs..Turns me up a notch…Bout you?). Before the black panties go on I push my balls up and inside..they dissapear! I grab the head of my cock from behind my legs and pull it up and inbetween my freshly showered buns….it will stay there! Then It dressing like anyother girl…I have cum with everything in place too…many times…..I’ll be back ladies cyntha janes

I started writing down my recollections of how all my love of all things feminine got started and the influences that formed my personality. I loved the Betty Page, Alberto Vargas, and Elmer Batters eras.I always wanted to look just like Betty! I started wearing my mom’s bra, nylon panties, garter-belt and stockings early in my childhood, most likely when I was seven or eight. In the late 40’s and early 50’s, there was no such thing as pantyhose. Growing up as the oldest of three boys, I was always responsible for doing the laundry, dishes and taking care of the house. My mom worked the evening shift as a registered nurse so it was easy for me to sneak into her room and put on anything I wanted.One evening when I was folding all the laundry the feel of her soft nylon bullet bra and panties was so erotic that I couldn’t resist the temptation to try them on. I was instantly aroused and couldn’t help but masturbate in them. It was so much fun that I eventually got bolder and began started going through her lingerie drawer and trying on bra, panties, and nylons. I fascinated by her underwear and particularly her girdles. She came home early with a cold one day and caught me doing dishes dressed in her favorite sundress, nylons, and heels my first thought was Awwwww S . . .t! I was sure she would hit the roof. She was just speechless, at least for a few minutes and then I got that what-the-hell look. I was stunned when she said wasn’t angry but told me that it was nothing more than harmless adolescent experimentation and that I would eventually grow out it. I knew there was no way that can ever happen. I told her that the kids at my elementary school were always calling me a fag because I was so feminine looking and acting. There were nights after I went to bed that I would pray that I would wake up as a girl. There were times when I would day dream that I was a girl. I always had this inner feeling that I was a girl and strongly wanted to become a girl. In high school I borrowed my moms panties and bra’s and frequently wore them to school. I just always felt different and alienated from the other boy’s, I hated them because of their endless teasing. I loved spending more time with the girls; I was just more comfortable around them. By the time I entered fourth grade I knew I was not having fun being a boy. That pretty much lasted all the way through high school. When graduated and started school at the University of Florida I became incredibly attracted to another boy my age and eventually became friends. Jamey was a lot like me, slender, cute, and kind. He had many of the same feminine traits I had. It was just the way he carried himself and talked. We frequently did our homework together either at my apartment or his. But it was more fun at mine because no one else was around most of the time during the evening. One evening we were laying side-by-side on my bed, studying for a history exam. He just blurted out that he really liked me because I didn’t make fun of him. I told him I felt the same. Without any warning, he put his hand on top of mine and began kissing the back of my neck. I had an immediate erection but I was scared and excited, not sure what to do next. I turned to face him and we began kissing. It was my introduction to French kissing! How wonderful and incredibly exciting! His tongue on mine was so warm and wonderful. I couldn’t believe how soft and warm his tongue felt on mine. The next thing I knew, I was between his thighs, pulling down his briefs and taking him in my mouth! I was only seconds after I started sucking his cock that he came in my mouth. My first taste of cum was a huge shock. I wasn’t ready for how much cum could come out of such a slender body! It was a shock and the first time in my life that I had sucked some ones cock. I loved it. I simply could not get enough of him. But in truth, we were both pretty clumsy and had to experiment a lot to gain some experience and learn not race through our love making! It didn’t take many more visits and we started engaging in mutual masturbation and oral sex almost every time we got together! A couple of months after we began our affair I just knew that I had to explain to Jamey what I was. In the 50’s I was what was known as a transvestite. He wasn’t sure what I had just revealed to him. I told him I liked dressing like a girl because I enjoyed the feeling of being dressed in my mom’s clothes and makeup. Simply put, I felt much more comfortable wearing feminine clothing. He was shocked but not surprised. We were young, immature and not sure of ourselves or how we really felt about each other. He just told me he needed time to take in what I had just revealed to him. I told him I understood and if he wanted to end our friendship, I would just have to learn to live with it. He said he didn’t want to think about it; he just needed time to consider what I had just told him. I asked Jamey if he would like to see me dressed before he made up his mind about our relationship. He said he would and made arrangements for him to come over one night to see what he was getting into. I dressed in my best lace bra’s, garter-belt, stockings, peep toe heels, a full slip, white skirt and pink sweater. I had stuffed my bra with a home made breast form fill out my chest. I put on a little makeup, some lipstick and a little touch of perfume. When he arrived, all he could say was shocked. “I don’t believe it, you look so different”! I took his hand, led him to my bedroom. I asked him to just hold me take me in his arms. He hesitated for a few seconds but I told him I wouldn’t ask him to do anything that was against his nature. Much to my relief, he simply took my hand, and then held me close. It was an instant erection for both of us and I was so relieved that Jamey reacted the way he did! We held each other in a warm embrace for maybe a minute or two. I kissed him softly on his lips and then on his neck. Our breathing was pretty ragged and it only took seconds before I was on my knees in front of him. His little erection was gorgeous. It looked so beautiful. I told him to lie down on my bed. I looked up at Jamey while he lay there with his legs spread. I took his erection in my mouth and slowly sucked it and stroked him softly. Jamey was breathing heavily while I sucked him until he came in my mouth. This time, it I was ready for him to explode in my mouth. When he did, I just held it on my tongue, tasting his love and slowly swallowed it! He moaned, as I continued to lick the rest of his cum from the head of his gorgeous cock. I wanted to kiss him while my mouth was full of cum but he wasn’t ready so I just swallowed it all. I turned over on my back to relax when he asked me if I would like him to do the same. I raised my hips so he could bring my skirt up around my waist revealing my erection straining at my panties. He caressed my legs, feeling the warmth of my stockings. When he reached my crotch, Jamey took me in his hand and began stroking me slowly. The next thing I knew, he was licking the pre-cum from the head of my cock and then took all of me in his mouth. I knew at this point, I would never turn away from him! I loved Jamey with all my heart! He continued to suck my little cock until I came in crashing waves of ecstasy. Our love affair lasted all the way through high school and ended when we graduated and went our separate ways. Everyone we knew teased us, calling us fags and leaving nasty notes, stuffed through the locker door vents. We were desperate for all the brutal teasing to stop. We were both constantly teased and bullied to the point where socially we were devastated, puberty was destroying us physically, and our school classes were so easy but yet I was unable to concentrate on something more intellectually stimulating. The possibility of actually living as a woman didn’t merely seem like an utterly ridiculous solution. It just wasn’t even within the realm of possibility. And, even though I knew gender was part of my struggles, I didn’t realize how central gender was. I hated boy’s sports and was lousy at being a boy. I was having so much fun wearing mom’s clothes that I knew this was something I desperately wanted to be. . .a girl! It’s probably when I developed my fetish for panties, girdles, nylons and high heels! I spent a lot of time as a teenager, wondering what it would be like to be a genetic girl. I never knew there was such a thing as gender reassignment surgery until the world was introduced to Christine Jorgenson. But I wasn’t sure doing that was going to me happy. I knew that I would be happiest just to be treated well no matter how I dressed or acted. After all, I am a cross-dresser and by definition I enjoy everything about the clothes–The look, the sensuous feel of panties and nylon stockings on my skin, trying things on, the shopping, admiring and studying current fashions, etc. To deny the clothing aspect of it would be to deny a huge part of who I am and love being. In retrospect, my mom must have known what I was doing and just ignored my cross-dressing figuring it would burn itself out. Right after I graduated, I joined the Navy. I had to repress my
need to feel feminine because I was always at sea on a ship. In my late twenties, I met another cross-dresser, purely by accident, at first it was nothing more that a wonderful friendship. On night over dinner, she proposed that we become more intimately involved. I was ecstatic! Our love affair, although we had to hide it from the Navy, managed to last over 4 years and ended when she was transferred to the west coast. I still miss her even after all these years! Over the years I’ve purged my closet more times that I can count; what a waste; especially all those beautiful heels! It wasn’t until after I met my future wife that I began to again feel that familiar urge. The first time I put on a pair of my wife’s underwear was when I realized I felt that old and irresistible urge to wear her panties and pantyhose. The soft nylon fabric caressing my skin was incredibly exciting and erotic. I realized right away what I had been missing from the time I first experimented with crossdressing. When I told her how I felt, she was only too willing to experiment with me and for the past 34 years, we frequently make love when were both wearing a garterbelt, panties and heels! Oh my God, what an arousing feeling! I threw out all my men’s briefs. Now I get to wear whatever I want, any time I chose. My work wardrobe consists of a pair of ladies slacks, blouse, and a pair of flats or 2-inch black patent dress pumps! Accessories consist of a ladies watch, pearl necklace and earrings. Makeup only takes about 10 minutes and I’m ready for work! Over the years, we’ve had a lot of fun experimenting with my crossdressing and frequently go out to dinner when I’m in a little black dress, jet black nylons, heels, and makeup that she has lovingly done for me. I will always be grateful that our marriage was strong enough so that I could tell her that I needed to express my feminine side. I was sure that when she was aware that I liked dressing up, it would cause a lot of stress just because of a general social conditioning that men should be men and women should be women and never should the two cross! I know that dressing up doesn’t make me any less of a man, and it/s incredibly enjoyable and relaxing. It’s simply a part of who I am and gives me an unbelievable sense of well being. I love the fact that my wife loves and trusts me enough that I don’t have to hide anything from her. She knows I’m bisexual and has encouraged my intimate friendship with another crossdresser. We used share my wife’s panties almost every day. It finally got to the point that we had to shop for my own and what a thrill! J. C. Penny and Sears have a wonderful selection of Vanity Fair, and Maidenform intimate wear. My crossdressing has brought a sense of adventure and exhilaration into our relationship that most couples will never have. We have always had much more intimate closeness in our lives that is unbelievable and has bound us together in ways that others will never understand. It’s a blessing for which I now thank God every day. I hope that anyone who reads this will understand that we are all different in so many respects that it’s impossible to characterize any human being by gender just by their outward appearance. I think that gender is in the brain and not between our legs.
Hugs n’ Kisses Bobbie Anne Mason

hey.. im 19 years old.. I live in copenhagen and love too dress as a girl. I want to talk to other girls like my self, and find some comfort in not being the only one feeling this way.. I hope some day that i will become a woman, and someday please a man .. That is my biggist dream and fantasi.. Kissies Laura from the north ..laura

If any of you girls want to enhance the feeling of being a wowan, try taking a shower wearing you wig and boobs. First I wash the hair (long straight reddish hair) and let the water run all over me and getb the soap out. it is best when I feel the long hair against my back almost down to my bum. Then I use conditioner and work it in nicely and wash thatout. I then get a towel and dry the top and lenght of my beautiful long red hair. and begin to brush the top and length. I swing the length of hair over my shoulder and straighten it out with my hair brush. After the hair is complete I get dressed and put on my makeup. By this time I am melting with pleasure/excitement at the anticpation of being Julie. I LOVE being Julie….Happy dressing girls….Julie

My wife is my best girlfriend. She takes me shopping and buys me all kinds of goodies…even when I am not with her. How did I get so lucky?!?!?!?! Linda

I am an older transvestite that is married. I love the thought of having sex with a man. When I was 25 years old I did give an older man a blow job. I think of that night very often. It was just sooooooooooo wonderful when he came into my mouth. I would love to experience that same feeling again. I want sooooooooo very desperately to dress for a man and be a woman for him. I am an anal virgin and I would love to give my ” virginity ” to the “RIGHT ” MAN. I love to dress sexually and sensually. I do love pleasing a man. I just love E-Mails from men that admire crossdressers. Robin

Longtime cd/bi, in college now and love to go to football games and see the players in those stretch satin game pants. I even go early to see them warm up and stretch, it is such a turn on. Michelle Foran

Kay Brown is my kind of girl. You go girl, you keep up the good work and keep it cum-ing. Do you have a fan club? I want to join ‘Hot in Sacramento’ Tommy Lee

I am enjoying the reading of Kay’s diary. Keep it up…its kind of hard to read at first, but once I got into it, I now understand the characters and how it is being written. Hope to keep hearing of “Kay’s” experiences… Robin J

Paulena…you should follow your heart. I enjoy both of my personas at different times. Each of them helps me to be a better person. Good luck in whatever you do. Suzie

hey girls. been crossdressing since age 5 when i asked my mommy if i could wear a dress. iv been doin for my whole life. shoud i stop or get a sex change? Paulena

Hello From Sacramento Cal. What is the last confession all about?, and what is the weather all about? I don’t have winter clothes to wear so I think I will go shopping. A Gurl never has enough clothes. Good luck to you all, Tommy lee

Thank you we both said when the waitress sit our tea on our table. Wow what a trip so far I said to Sally, and Thank you for picking me up at the Airport. Kay brown

I have to confess…I have been having an affair with my alter ego…I love being her as much as possible. The feel of nylons, panties and of course my v-string. What a wonderful feeling to cum with it. Robin J

I’m in the Chicago area, and really thinking about a V String. No sure which model, or what it’s all about. Any sisters in the area interested in showing theirs off? Adelia

Its been too hot for me to dress recently. Can’t wait for it to cool down again so I can experience the fun I have with Suzi…Thanks Castle Supply for this outlet. Suzi

well i just wanted to let you all know that i love this page. it makes me feel that im not alone. well i would really like to get to know more of you girls im 18 yrs old and would love to get to talk to you if interested email me…vanny

I have been dressing since I was about 14 years old. It makes me feel really special and pretty. I have told my wife, and she’s very understanding. As long as I don’t dress in front of our kids, she’s okay with it. Two weeks ago she told me she wanted to help me dress up and do my makeup. I’m so happy 🙂 Tracy – Norway

hey. ive been dressing since age 5; i dont know what to do. i love being a girl,but is the way im feeling right. i dont know. isabella

I recently had the pleasure of actually living out a fantasy scenario of mine, with the help of two admirer friends. I was dressed for a date at a very classy hotel restaurant and forced to wear a real tight, sexy slutty dress that makes no attempt to hide my suspender belt, heavy make up and 4 Jennie uk England

Hi Patty, I feel for you I really do. I can really understand your needs to project your own image of feminine desirability and sexuality onto yourself. My early desires have developed over the years into my current “other half” Jennie. I guess Jennie is here to stay. She may be absent for a while, at times I adore her and times I hate her for complicating my life. The fact remains that she is as much of new as my male side and for the rest of my life I will strive to embrace her as much as I can. Had the internet been around as a teenager, I would have experienced much more as a transvestite and my life would probably been much different. However, whilst I long to have a time machine, I am happy with my male life, although I would like to spend more time in a feminine role but isn’t always possible and its a matter of getting the balance between my real and illusional t-girl life. There’s also the fears, I love dressing and as such I worry that the more I explore being a t-girl the more it will take over my life. At the end of the day we all love being fully transformed into a sexy elegant woman. When I dress I become Jennie, she is very separate from my male side. It is a common thing for us tgirls to adore the beauty and glamour that goes with being feminised. The feel of the sensuous clothes when we dress, To that end dressing and becoming a woman excites us because it is sexy, forbidden and sensual. Enjoy it darling and try to find friends to help, Jennie TVGirl UK

Hi: Patty. Glad you enjoyed my letter to you. Like I said, Don’t feel bad, it’s just part of who we are. Learn to live with this because it is part of you. The harder you try to change the more confused you will become. You just have to find a happy medium were it all works for you. I know that as I grow older the urge to dress gets stronger every year. If I could I would just stay dressed everyday and night, but that can’t be. So I look for times to do what I need to do and enjoy those times as much as I can. Write to me so we can talk more. All the best to you. Donna

Thank you Donna, your a sweetheart, you made me cry. Patty O’Neill

Ohh Patty you poor thing. Every girl here has dumped all there girl stuff more than once. We start to feel guilty, or like a perv. and the next thing you know your purging. It can’t be helped. There is something wired into our brains that is with out any dought FEMALE. You can’t help it. It always feels better to get dressed in a nice skirt and top and feel those wonderful pantyhose slipping away under your slip. It’s a girl thing. Don’t feel bad. You will learn in time that it’s just the way you are. You will always enjoy dressing and being a woman. We all do. Good luck and don’t be to hard on yourself. Go out and get some new things. Take your time and get nice pretty things that fit well and go together well. Think of it as a good excuse to redo your wardrobe. Take care girl and enjoy your woman time.Donna

I have dumped 2 trash bags of my womens clothes( high heels, bras, panties, nighties, capris, satin pants, my lotions and makeup), a week ago because I am sick of living this way. It killed me to do it, but I cant go on like this. A week later and I want them back. I pulled into a mall to get a pair of panties and a nightgown for tonight and didnt do it. Now I am writing to y’all in hopes maybe someone will respond that has had similar issues. I am very frustrated and I want to dress. I guess gotta take it one day at a time! Patty O’Neill

32 years old and a long time cd and have been questioning my sexuality for many years….this summer I am working away from home and are staying with a man that takes in a one or two workers a summer…he is a hard worker and is rarely home…I find when I am dressed as a woman, I can be sexually attracted to a man….I have thought about him many times…I have been dressing everyday after work and actually going out to the mall or grocery store en femme…the owner came home and saw me dressed to the hilt…of course he surprised, but was in a hurry and didnt talk about it and said he would be home around midnite….I was actually relieved that he saw me and maybe talking about it would be like therapy…I actually dressed wearing a pair of black nylon capris and a tight gray nylon fit top with my pantyhose and sandals that nite…we had an interesting conversation about why I dress and how long, etc…he asked me if I was gay and said I am not sure…I have been struggling with it for years..out of the blue he asked me if I found him attractive…I was surprised and yet I was excited…he then sat next to me on the couch..I told him I would like to pleasure him as I reached between his legs and rubbed the outside of his jeans…I started to unbuckle and unzip his jeans (is there anything more awesome)…and then put his long and skinny cock in my hand (what a feeling)…he wasnt hard, but I just kept at it, rubbing and massaging gently his shaft and balls…as he became hard I just kept stroking him..I told him I wanted him to cum on me..he didnt say anything, but I could tell I was pleasing him….he let out a groan and came on my nylon capris, he was rubbing up and down on my pants as he came..I put my hand in his cum and rubbed it on my stomach…I was so turned on I wanted to kiss him…but it didnt happen…it is going to be a great summer..stay tuned. Paula Pennella

It was late evening just this last spring. I was driving to meet him and I couldn’t wait to get there. We had corresponded several times on-line and had even chatted twice over the phone. At 35 years of age he was at least 15 years my junior but he seemed like such a nice gentleman. And besides, he wasn’t getting any sexual satisfaction in his life. I was hoping that I would be able to change that for him. I was wearing my best red satin blouse, a shoulder length auburn wig, and an Ann Taylor pleated wool skirt with a 5 inch slit in front that was slightly snug and about 3 inches too short for a “lady” of my age. The sun had set an hour earlier and the car’s insturment panel lights illuminated my now exposed upper thighs. I must confess that the thought of meeting him caused me to grow quite firm and to put a gentle strain on my black satin thong panties. We were to meet in the parking lot of a large mall near my house. He said that he would be waiting in his blue mini-van and sure enough when I pulled into the lot at the prearranged time and place he already there and waiting. I drove up to the van, rolled down my window and we made our introductions. He invited me to join him and of course I didn’t hesitate. I exited my car and walked to his van, the warm spring breeze flowing around my nylon stocking covered legs, and my high heels clicking on the concrete pavement. I took my place in the front passenger seat and we began to make some small talk. He was rather handsome and quite virile looking although he seemed just a bit nervious. He explained to me that he had always been attracted to “girls” like me but had never been with one. I assured him that there was nothing to be nervous about and that he would get what ever he desired from me. The mall was quite busy for the time of evening so we decided to leave. We navigated through some light traffic and soon foound ourselves in a simi-rural area. As he drove I sat there with my legs crossed in the most lady like and demur position I could muster. He took my hand in his and set it upon his lap and when he did I could feel that he was growing ever so hard underneath his trousers. I began to stroke him while he drove and soon he unzipped his pants and guided his cock out of its hiding place and into the open. I took it in my soft hands and began to gently stroke it. His shaft was quite lovely..about 6 1/2 inches and rather thick. He quickly grew rock hard and I could no longer contain myslef. I unsnapped my seatbelt, knelt on my knees beside of him, and started to gently kiss his now rock hard cock. Soon the tip of it was sliding past my waxy red lips and deep into my mouth. It’s velvetly hardness felt absolutly scrumptious! As he drove through the country side I continued to tend to him, sucking , licking, and kissing to his occasional groan of pleasure. Soon he pulled over to the side of the road, and asked (almost commanded) me to suck him harder. By now he was jamming his thick love tool in and out of my mouth at a furious rate sometimes forcing it into my throat. Suddenly, he let out a long moan and my efforts were rewarded with a very generous helping of warm sweet cum. I continued to suck on him for about a minute or so before stopping. Most of his lust made its way into my tummy. Our work schedules have prevented us from meeting again but I do so hope someday soon…..Joanna

Robin came to visit last night and she wouldn’t go away. She is so much fun to play with. ps Robin is my female side… Dan

I have been staying alone this summer, away from my family and have been dressing as soon as I get home from work. I’ve been taking a walk every night (late) because I am still nervous about meeting someone. At the sametime, I think I want to meet someone to see what would happen. I have been wearing a pair of black nylon capris, I love them and a pair of thigh highs and panties. Last nite I had a womens satin gray tight fitted top to match. I have been shopping a little here and there and picking up some bargains. I bought a pair of open toe and heel sandals, they are very comfortable. I am so excited to tell someone and are preparing to wear a black nylon skirt tonight. Will keep you informed of my escapades. Paula

When I was younger, say up to age 22, I would think that getting dressed as a girl was just crazy. I loved woman and thier bodies (still do) but back then all I was interested in was having sex with them and other things out of bed like beach, dinner, movies etc, just life. Now after being Julie for the latter half of my life, I realize I look at woman differently now. I notice the little things like the makeup, and the cute shirt or skirt they are wearing, jewelry, the way the sit and walk. Being a girl is just amazing. I love when woman walk by and I notice how thier boobs bounce. 20 years ago when I saw a hot sexy lady with nice boobs I would want to have sex with her. Now when I see a hot sexy lady with nice boobs I want to be her. So some nights I go down to the local walking area and check out the woman then pick one to be and go home get dressed as julie yet fantisize I am that girl…. Julie

I love all things femminine. Probably because my mother treated me a s agirl until i was four years of age. Through the years as a child I wouls sneak into my mothers room and fondle her clothes dressing in her lingerie. As i grew i found my sisters clothes fit me better I was caught on a number of occaisions and punishment followed usually a spnking. Trouble was I was excited when lying over mothers lap on her skirts and soon getting erections and eventually orgasmams happened. Through the teenage years I purged many awardeobe only to start collecting again. In the early 90’s I found your site and bought ttwo V strings which are still in excellent conditon getting a lot of wear. Thank you for your site Yours in hose and heels Sissy Carolyn

I have been a closet crossdresser my whole life. It has at times been very frustrating, as most of you know. Since I have been able to read and listen to all the cd’s and tgirls life, has been more manageable. Because of my profession and popularity, I have not been able to go out en femme and socialize. I have been stuck inside behind locked doors and only when the opportunity presents itself. This summer, I am living alone away from my family, because of my profession. I have been dressing every night with a silk or satin nightgown. During the day, I have been dressing with nylons, panties, short nylon skirt and top with heels. Today was the best day of my life, I actually was dressed in black bra and silk black panties, with my silk black nylons and garters. I had on a black mini dress and black pumps. I went outside, walk around the yard, it was such a rush….I mean a rush! I was so turned on, I went into the house and masturbated. I want to do it everyday….can’t wait for tomorrow. Paula Michaels

Just wanted to say thank you for keeping up this wonderful outlet for us sisters. I have not written in for a while myself, being going thru’ a few seasonal changes, but will be sharing my most recent escapade with you all shortly.Keep the stories flowing ‘girls’ love you. Joan Black

Hi Ladies…I drove around dressed up as Julie tonight…A few guys saw me at stop signs and traffic lights. I stopped for one man in a pickup truck and let him pull out of the local gas station. He was in front of me at the stoplight. When the light turned green he was going right and I left and he hesitated because he wanted to see me, check me out. I craved so so much to walk in public tonight. I am going to find a T-girl friendly club and go next weekend..I have waited too long for this…Julie

Awhile back I came out to my brother. It turns out he’s a crossdresser too. We have had a lot of fun dressing and sharing stories about our experiences. Its a hoot. Robin P

She bought me something yesterday. I love these kinds of surprises! It’s a tight heather gray t-shirt with cap sleeves that says “Fearless Flirt” with Tinkerbell on it. It’s tight and makes my chest look more full than it is. She knows me so well. See, I’m not fearless and I wish I was a flirt. I want cock in so many ways, but I haven’t found the courage to get one. Now, if she had me go to the right place in a shirt like this, well… I think the men would know what to do with me! Now I need a short white skirt or white or pink short shorts to go with it! For now I will have to just fantasize about what kind of trouble this shirt could get me in to. ShyLisa

Also I just like to step out into the world as a girl, be it just having a smoke in front of my house or just taking a short drive as a girl. I love to wear really sexy underwear, garters, thigh high leggings, corsets, t-backs, etc. But I am still just a regular “girl” and I wear regular girl clothes on top. Most of us are just like normal girls, we don’t expose our body unless it is someone special!! We are just normal girls but in the wrong body! Calbee

Dear Donna and all my brothers and sisters out there: Honestly I just dress up to feel good with myself~ 🙂 I hate wearing jeans and t-shirts… it just makes me feel so similar with the rest of the world and so unattractive… I just want to feel sexy and good~ Even tho I admit I want to become a girl, but the main reason isn’t sexual desire or anything… I am not gay, I just want to be loved, be it a girl, a man, another TV/CD. whatever~ Also, I think us TV/CD are the MOST understanding people on Earth. Maybe because we’re different than “normal” people. I accept anyone with a good heart, I don’t care if you’re gay/lesbian/tomboy/whatever, if you’re a good person then it’s fine with me 🙂 Calbee

I love my man sooooooooooooooo much. He knows who he is. Hugggggs to all here… Ramona

Robert is such a dream! I told you before how he took me to the opera…he in his tuxedo and me in my formal gown with my Vstring underneath. I felt so feminine and sexy. We went home that night and had the most romantic evening. He gets so excited just thinking about putting his penis inside my “vagina.” I, of course, get all excited, too, feeling his warm hardness moving in and out of me…next to me…and then, when he reaches his orgasm…well, it takes me over the edge most of the time. Being able to satisfy my man in the most feminine way after a romantic evening is just the best. Marcia R

Dear Calbee with out even trying you said it all in your last sentence. That’s what drives us all. It just feels good to be in the RIGHT cloths. Notice I didn’t say the cloths of another gender, I said the right cloths. I feel so much more at ease and comfortable in a nice pair of sheer hose and a good skirt and slip on, with a nice blouce. Even when I know that know one is going to see me. I take every step to make sure my hair and make-up are done just right, and that my outfit all goes together well. Most the time if I;m wearing heels at home I will just leave them on while I fix myself dinner and the sit and watch a little TV. It just seems right to stay totally dressed as a woman when ever I can. That’s the most comfortable for me. Having to keep my make-up nice and my hair brushed out and fixed nice is a privledge of being female. I can’t think of anything more satisfying then to look in the mirror and see a nice lady looking back at me. All you girls enjoy every second of your girl time. It’s the best. With love: Donna

I have been dressing since I was ten-ish. Now I am 23… I am stuck between full-time and part-time… I really think about being full-time a lot… but the unknown is quite scarry…
Anyway, I enjoy wearing woman’s clothings. Lingerie, clothes, dresses, high heels… Anything feminine really~ It doesn’t make me high or anything, I just feel really good to be in the right clothings. Calbee

I have been crossdressing all my life…have just begun to go out en femme and it is a whole different feeling….usually at night and do some food shopping or go to the mall….I recommend it..what a rush. “Janet” Harrington

I am a genetic female and am in love with a crossdresser. I have learned to accept his alter ego and enjoy spending time with her. My husband does not pass in any way, but I enjoy the fact that he relaxes when he is dressed like he would if he could go out on the town. At first I was scared of the unknown…the typical questions…is he gay?…does he want to be a girl full-time…is he going to have SRS. Now that I am sure of the answers to the many questions, I can relax and enjoy the experience. I have even kissed her. Linda

Hello ladies – This is my first posting here. I love all things feminine and female. Being dressed always is my goal. being as much of a woman as I can be. As a child I always played with my sister’s toys and as soon as I could I started dressing in her and my mother’s things. I baby sat to make money and loved wearing their clothes too. Wishing I was a girl. I was caught by my cousin in a baby doll set of her’s and instead of scolding me she alowed me to indulge my life whenever I was at her home. She taught me how to be a younge lady, to do my hair,make up, sit, walk in heels even to pee like a girl when she caught me standing at the toilet with a dress on. When I was 13 I stumbled in on her while she was changing her feminine napkin and after explaining to me about periods I really wanted my own. With no hesitation she had me in a belt and napkin. When I told her how like a real girl I felt with the napkin on she then explained about all the bad things a woman had to put up with on her period. I said I didn’t care and would be happy to if I could. With that she said we were going out to the drug store and that I should get a pair of slacks and come to the bathroom. When I got there she told me to change my napkin as it was best for a girl to have a fresh one on before going out. I was a little worried about someone seeing my pad in my slacks but she said all women had to worry about that. Then she removed her napkin and told me to put it on.It was very heavily soaked and I hesitated but she said she just wanted me to know what it felt like and that it was Ok. I loved the warm wet feeling and it made me feel so womanly. We finished dressing and went off. At the drug store she had me go to the feminine hygiene asile and pick up what was on the list she gave me. 2 boxes of Kotex (blue box) and 2 Modess Empress belts. At the counter the lady asked my cousin if this was my first period. She said it was and the lady replied that she thought so and pointed to my slacks. The saturated napkin had leaked down the inside of my leg and was very noticable. When we got to the house I was upset and she told me that if I was going to have my period I would have to put up with certain things. I did not complain any more. I started my period on weekends and special days back then and now have it every month no matter what. She will call me no matter where I am and tell me I have started so I must be prepared. She has me on a 5 to 6 day period. I now have a method for simulating period flow and now use both napkins and tampons. The sticky type usually or belt and napkin preferably, if I can find them and Tampax Pearls tampons. My simulation method alows me to determine what my flow is like. I flow very heavy on days 1,2 and 3 napkin and tampon, and then a napkin only for the rest. I am a napkin girl even though I like the idea of tampons. mMy cousin will call on the fith day and tell me if I am finished or not. After my period is finished I have a nice douche and can’t wait for my next period. By the way as any good girl should I wear panty liners the rest of the month.
Love victoria

i came out to a girlfriend one time and she blessed me by helping out with my transformation whenever we had a chance. she would help me with the clothes the make up and mannerisms, it was wonderful. has anyone else experienced similar joys? felicia

Hi to all my darling sisters, this posting is to warn you to be careful of taking the hormones.I love my new tities to say the least, however I’ve had my fair share of depression and emotions. Is the pain worth it, my warning is be well prepared for for the road you will travel, have others you can talk to for support, I’ve had no one and I can promise you its hard, and talking about hard it looses its hardness to which is something else. I would suggest joining a support group,with sisters who are going thru’ the motions.I’ll tell you this much,one thing I have learnt thru this that when we hear of our biological sisters having a headache when the hormones are playing havoc I know the feeling. Walk your road with caution, feel free to write to me if I can assist you in anyway. Love Joan Black

Hello Candi and all of you wonderful girls. I had trouble with my computer and lost your address Candi. I know that the other girls would love to hear about our lovemaking Candi. I know that Dwight would also. I am not sure what you want me to reveal so I will let you tell about our sexcapades. I will say that Candi and I love having sex with each other as often as we can. Robin

My wife caught me jacking off with my Masturbator V-String last night. She thought it was wonderful…so, she came in and we had wonderful sex. I am extremely happy with my new pussy. Bobbi

Karen you Have to get Breastforms. That and a nice wig make me feel so sexy. I love feeling My boobs, just lifting them as a woman loves and watching and feeling them bounce as I walk up stairs or Bounce up and down on my toys. Bouncing is fun. So I have a confession to make. My girlfriends daughter is 19 turning 20, beautiful and a virgin. She is in college now but living home. I never thought of her in a sexual way, but one day she left her room door open was sitting on her bed with back to the wall and knees up to chest, I got the perfect view of her clean white panties/beaver and could not help but stare. She did not move and knew I was looking. I know she did it on purpose to get my attention. Her mother yelled at her to close the door and it ended but it made me think about her differently since then. Now I love to go into her room and find used panties and sniff them..And It makes me so so hard or wet depending on what I am doing. They smell so nice, like virgin pussy , and always the same sweet smell and little stain just between where her lips would rest. Recently I wore them while dressed as Julie and drove around in my vehicle. I swear when I fuck my big dildo and sniff them I completely melt all over that cock..Whew I am hot just thinking about it..Panties make me hot Julie

hello karen, What makes you think your wife doesn’t know ? It sounds like a lot of us special girls, we’re guys, when we have too be, but much rather enjoy the feeling of a woman, inside ourselfs. I’m sure she’s noticed, some of her stechey items aren’t as tight as they were before you tried them on.. Your at a very important point inyour life, She still need’s that man she married, but also wonders why that man like girls clothes..She may question, is she still the woman you married..and of course there are questions about childern, relatives, etc.. Let her know your there for her, let her know how even now you need her love and support, when the woman comes out in you, ask for her leadership, ask her to be a “big Sister” and get her incoled in you nightly transistions. useing your male side to be the romantic Husband, when the time is right, but then let her be the one that open’s your Karen side. Your are her’s for the night, from doing household chores, cooking, and the dishes to washing, and cleaning the house. Don’t be affraid to let her take you on the greatest time of your life, exporleing the woman within the man. Start to explore, and travel, ask her how you can be a better lover, a more sensual, touch, a more longer lasting high..caressing foundaling, massaging, sexual incounter, do not worry yourself and a quick getting off.. make the evening last. Allow here to help you enjoy penis toys, orally, and anally, without touching your maleness.learn how to focus your body sesnes to enjoying being a woman. The products sold hear on this site, can help, you’ll find them to be excellect quality, and a major part of transistions. There is No shame in self expression, of your womanhood, anymore than your born body gender, both can live in peace within. Your so very lucky to a GG that understands, and slowly hopefully will allow Karen into your relationships. Barbara

I am sitting her and for the first time in my life I am sharing my feminine feelings with the world. I am a crossdresser and have been in the closet all my life. My wife found my female clothes once and I purged but over the last 20 years I have slowly built a wardrobe again. Once while see was doing her nails on the sofa I was stretched out with my feet toward her. Oh How I wanted her to do my toes! Suddenly she did! ANd she complimented me on how pretty my feet were. (They are. I have slender feet B width in mens. Size 11 womens, but 12s if I can find them.)Then she said girl needs two coats of polish to be proper. I was in heaven and hard! Needeless to say that night we had great sex. Even today she will talk about painting my nails and putting me in hose and high heels, while we are have sex. Sometimes she will let me put on her panty hose during sex. What she doesn’t know is that if I am home alone, I am trying on her clothes all the time, if ever so briefly. I love shopping and would like to do it in femme, but I don’t see that ever happening. I have gotten pretty good with makeup but doubt that I could ever pass. I am 6’2 in stockings. I have learned to walk in high heels tho. My measurements are 44C 34 43. With the appropriate padding. I would love to buy breast forms but can’t chance the delivery being intercepted since my wife and I work together. I love dresses and high heels, hose and lingerie. I have about 7 pair of heels and 4 wigs although only 2 are good. I have more women’s shoes than mens! I have 7 different dresses and a couple of tops and skirts. I prefer the classy lady look and power lady business dress look. But underneath, I love my corset and garters and hose. This week my wife is away and my kids are out on their own so I have had the house to myself. I Have dressed every night, and wear panties and panty hose under my drab maale clothes everyday this week. And Lingerie to bed. I am in heaven. I even wear my heels in the car to work and then slip on my socks and shoes to go in. I love wearing my (wife’s) Red Door. For the occasion of this week I bought a new skirt and top and new navy 4″ heels with an open toe to show my pretty toe nails that are bright pink. The skirt is ther newest style with a navy back ground and print design with the flaired hem line and quite sheer. I also loaded up on panty hose. I also found the cutest sweater for only $6 at Penneys, it is mint green with a faux pinstrip shirt with mint strips sown into the collar and cuff. Best of all it fits, even the sleve length. I have fantasies about just wearing it to the movies under my jacket. I am sitting now dressed to the nines baring my soul. My wig is stawberry blond shoulder length. I fantisize about being out as a woman and dancing with a strong, tall, handsome guy. Feeling his manness next to me and taking him home and satisfying him as a woman. A girl can dream. Karen

Goodness, where to start. I was dressed for the opera and, of course, my v-string beneath it all. Robert was taking me that evening, and it had been such a long time since I had been with him. He is a wonderful kisser. I was going to enjoy the evening at the opera with him and then go home with him to spend a wonderful night in his bed. My pocket v-string was prepared for his penis, with KY jelly already there preparing the way for him. I sat in my chair all evening listening to the fabulous music, feeling the moisture leaking into my panties, knowing the romantic night in store for us. Marcia R

Hi girls, just wanted to tell you about what happened to me a couple of weeks ago, I’d just finished doing the apartment chores and it was time for me to get ready for Bill so I got into the shower and started the girls daily beauty ritual, shaving my legs, shampooing etc, when one of a sudden I heard to shower door open and there was my man (Bill) no clothes on all naked and ready to start the action, he got into the shower with me and without saying a word started kissing me, in a couple of minutes I was already on my knees with his beautiful cock in my mouth, I gave him head for like five minutes and soon I had the urge of having him inside of me, I asked him to sit and slowly got every inch of his manhood in my pussy I was really in heaven going up and down his shaft when he exploded inside of me and filled me wh his cum. This was just the begining of a wonderfull evening. Aline

robin that is so wonderful; my wife and i ofter fantasize about such things, though we will probably never fulfill them. at least not with others. felicia

I just wanted to share with all of you girls my wonderful experience with Dwight. I have been a transvestite ever since I can remember. I had discovered Castle several years ago. I wrote my confession and a man named Dwight responded. We E-mailed many times. He was very sexy and I just loved his letters. We instant messaged many times and agreed to phone. We phoned and we both had mutual orgasms. I just loved talking to him. After several weeks phoning and instant chatting we agreed to meet. We are only an hour apart. Dwight and I met at a motel that we both knew would be secure. It was wonderful as I drove into the motel parking lot. I was dressed as a woman. Full make-up and a wig. A pleated light blue skirt and a satin blue blouce. Nylons of course and heels. I had seen pictures of Dwight but I had not expected to see such a wonderful looking man that approached my car that evening. ” Are you Robin ” he asked. Yes I am ; I replied. “everything is arranged” We can enter our motel now he said. He took me by my hand and we entered the motel room. I must have looked soooooo awkward. I had never been with a man alone before let alone that I was dressed as a woman. “don’t be afraid Robin” Dwight said. Everything will be fine. He took my face into his hands and he kissed me. I felt so very feminine. I felt so very vulnerable but I also felt secure and I wanted to please Dwight. I had never been kissed by another man and being kissed by Dwight was soooooooooo marvelous that I returned the kiss very passionately.All the E-Mails ; chatting ; and phone calls added to our desires. I immediatly went to my knees. I unzipped Dwight’s trousers and took out his hard throbbing cock from his briefs. I kissed the head of his cock and proceded to lick all around his cock. I licked his balls and moaned as I did so. I licked all around his pubic hair as he moaned. I licked up and down his beautiful cock. I finally took his enormous cock into my mouth and I he let him fuck my mouth. I grabbed his ass cheeks as his cock fucked my mouth. I sensed when he was about to cum. Dwight stiffened and then he unloaded his sperm into my waiting mouth. Spasm after spasm Dwight came into my mouth. How very wonderful that night was. I was able to swallow all of Dwight’s cum. I am soooooooo glad because I do love him so. robin

i love it when she uses a strap-on and threatens to bring us a real man. she often requires me to prepare myself hours in advance; several delightful hours. felicia

my wife is one of those wonderful women that i read about sometimes. i told her of my dressing desires before we were married (i could not imagine living my life with her without telling her). while she does not always fully embrace my other me; she has her moments. this is one of them, that is why i am in my favorite lingerie while i type this. she will be home soon and i must be ready for her. felicia

Oh, goodness, where to start. I was dressed for the party, complete with long evening gown and, of course, my v-string on underneath. William picked me up at seven and drove us in his beautiful Mercedes. I loved it, with him in his tuxedo and me in my blue strapless evening gown. I could feel my own excitement building inside my v-string beneath the pretty pale blue lacy panties. I lay my hand on William’s lap and could feel his excitement, too, and I wanted to taste that hardness before the evening was over. I wanted him to slip that wonderful manhood inside my v-string, too. Marcia R

I am finally going to get to try out my new v string this week. Wife is going out of town and Robert is cumming over. I’ll write more later and tell you how it went. I can’t wait. shannon

First let me wish everyone a Happy & Prosperous New Year. I hope the new year will bring everyoneall that they deserve. As for me, I just found out my diabetes, which was controlled by diet, now requires I take a pill every morning. So now I must give up any plans to develope my breasts with hormones. Estrogin can have an negative interaction with my diabetes medications. At least I can still wear my panties and bras. tvlove

Dwight and I had such a wonderful time over the weekend. I dressed the entire weekend as a woman. I have never been with a man for an entire weekend and I was appehensive but Dwight was just wonderful to be with. We stayed at his cabin most of the time and I was in heaven as I dressed in all kinds of female clothes. I had never kissed another man until Dwight kissed me that first night. I was 65 years old and Dwight was 63 years old. I was dressed as a woman my age would be dressed. I had always loved pleated skirts. I was wearing one that night with a white silk blouce . An auburn wig and nice make-up. Seamed nylons and red high heels. I knew that this would be the night that I would lose my virginity. I wore nice white panties and a nice lacy white bra. My full slip was of white satin. I felt very feminine as Dwight kissed me and put his hand on my knee. I returned his kiss and his hand went higher up my thigh. He felt my garters and felt my thighs. And I sighed” is this how a girl feels?” How wonderful. I thought. I love being a girl. Dwight put my hand on his crotch and I could feel how much he was aroused. I unzipped his trousers and took his hard cock from his briefs. Dwight has such a big cock. I bent down and kissed it and then took his entire cock into my mouth. It was soooooooooo wonderful. I had never had a cock in my mouth before and this was just awesome. It felt as though I had done this before. I just loved having his cock in my mouth. I just knew what to do. I went up and down his shaft and took his cock from my mouth and kissed his balls. Everything seemed so very natural to me. I took his cock back into my mouth and lovingly kissed it. I could sense that he was about to cum. OOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhh how wonderful it is to have another man cum in your mouth. I just love it and I love beng a transvestite. Robin

Happy holidays to all you t-girls,love your stories. Love this time of year, I can shop for myself and everyone thinks I am shopping for my wife. Just came back from the mall and it was such a turn on to by my own things and try them on. I am sitting here with a pair of sexy black nylons with garters attached and matching nylon bra, satin leopard top and bottom pajama set with black mules. It is such a turn on, how I wish I had more privacy. I have been wearing a lot of my pantyhose and panties under my regular clothes for years. I want so bad to come out and do some everyday things, like shop and go for a walk. But my dream is to dress en femme and meet a man who would be interested in me, that is the present I could ever have! Kris Hubbard

Hello Girls ; I just love reading your letters. I have loved wearing girl’s clothes as long as I can remember. I remember wearing my older sister’s clothes. I looked foreward to the times when my mother and sister would leave me alone in the house. I would wait until they were down the street and I would go directly into my sister’s bedroom. She had a hamper in her room that I would first explore. There might be a nice pair of panties that I would love to put on. Or a bra or maybe a slip. Sometimes a girdle and nylons. I loved getting her clothes from the hamper because they smelled nice and I did not have to worry about putting them back as they were. I just loooooooooooved slipping on her panties. I learned to put on her bra and stuffed it with her boby socks. I loved her beige panty girdle with those nice garters. OOOOOOOOooohhhhhhhhhh it was so fantastic as I slipped on her seamed nylons and fastened them to my garters. I loved when she left her beige full slip. I just loved pulling that wonderful slip over my head and smoothing it over my body. Sometimes I would put on one of her dresses or I would wear a skirt and a blouce or sweater. I would put on a pair of her high heels and walk through the house. I really wanted to be a girl. I felt so very comfortable dressed as a girl. I do have to go now. There is a man I need to please Robin

Hi Girls!—I am a married 53 year old bi lifelong crossdresser.My wife knows that I dress but doesn’t approve or participate.This summer I answered an ad on a local internet “list” for a black male seeking a tv/cd.After a couple of e-mails;we exchanged phone numbers and I got directions and went to meet Marcus who was only a few towns away.Upon my arrival I was met by a gorgeous hunk who immediately smiled at me,pulled me close and kissed me passionately.I could feel his cock already getting hard as he embraced me and asked him where I could change since I arrived in my male clothes.Marcus showed me to a bedroom and excused himself while I got dressed.I was already wearing a pair of black thong panties and I put on a black lace bra,my 42-C breastforms,some black thigh high stockings,a blue,sparkly clingy jersey dress,a brunette shoulder length wig,black heels and bright red lipstick.I told Marcus I was ready for him as I laid across his bed awaiting him to come into the bedroom.When he did he came in with nothing on but a hard on! What a beautiful cock! Marcus had a porno going on the tv in the bedroom and asked me if I saw what the girl was doing on the porno.I said yes and he said to get on my knees than and do what the girl was doing on tv to him.I immediately complied and slowly licked the underside of his shaft and up and over the head flicking the slit of his big dick with the tip of my tongue.Marcus held the back of my head and slowly worked his cock in and out of my mouth calling me a slut,a bitch and a whore and telling me I was going to be his cum slut for now on and asked me if I liked that idea.I told him that I loved that idea that I was put on this earth to please dominant men and women like him.He said that’s right bitch and picked up the tempo while fucking my face.I was loving this and kept at it until Marcus tensed up;said here it comes slut and blew load after pulsing warm,thick salty cum down my throat.After he came we laid there briefly for a short time before Marcus said he was going to fuck my pussy.He told me to get him hard and I suckled his balls and cock until he was hard again.Marcus told me to get on all fours and lubed my pussy and his dick,pushed the thin material of my thong aside and then entered me slowly at first and then picked up the pace,finally pounding away at my pussy.God,I hadn’t been fucked like that in a long time and I loved every inch and minute of it.It is great being fucked like a girl! Needless to say Marcus and I get together when we can but if any sisters or admirers out there ever come to the central Massachusetts area;e-mail me and maybe we can have some fun also! Hugs and kisses—Jeninmass

I am a closet cd and I love the confessions. I am so far into the closet that no one knows. Not even my wife of 30 years has any idea. I like it that way and I am not about to change. Its a challenge to me. Suzie

this is all new to me, my girlfried introduced me to crossdressing, and i love it.she broke me in easy, and now i have purchased a v string vagina, and laytex breasts. i am very passable ,as a atter of fact i,m very beautiful dressed, i am not gay , i love woman, but i do have a fantasy of sucking a beautiful shemales cock . but for now my girlfriend wears a strapon and makes me suck on it then she fucks me with it.she also love my vagina, she loves to eat me out. well thanks for letting me express my self , have lots of fun ladies antonette

Hi there sisters, as usual I’ve been stuck on the confessions page and reading about some your journeys in to the wonderful world of being femme.I cannot explain enough in words on how much I love being Joan, every opportunity I get, I’m dressed, already developing the breasts and really hoping to win a v-string to complete my passion of being a woman.I reflect back on my own journey and if anything that I have realised that is don’t supress the woman within you let her out to play, I went through the motions of thinking I was strange, gay, or even at times considered srs, but just could’nt do it due to my family and those that I love. I am the only boy in the family with three sisters, so when the cats were out this little mouse came out to play. I have however realised that by developing my breasts naturally they may never be huge, but big enough to wear a sexy bra, when I can and fill the part, and when I have to be a man, with shaved legs and torso I can do it and simply wear a t-shirt to cover my beautiful titties, otherwise I may have a few uneasy questions to answer, the same will apply to wearing my v-string (now how is that for being positive).Some things one never forgets, I was an early teenager visiting family friends, I was in the bathroom, have always sat when I am alone to do do my business when I needed more loo paper, I looked in the cupboard only to be confronted by boxes of tampons, my eager hand reached in to the open box pulled out the instructions and naturally a tampon, before you could count to ten I was on my back legs in the air and slipping this wonderfully shaped object in to my tight little “pussie” you know from that day on I was hooked, twenty odd years later I am still doing it, always wishing it was a true pussie.I have remained in the closet with my family but with a select few have come out in the open and live my life as Joan. I live by: Do what you heart desires, be caring at all times and don’t purposefully hurt anybody especially those that you love. Love your sister Joan Black

I haven’t posted here in a long time. I have been trying to find myself. My wife for her physical conditions cannot offer me Vaginal nor anal sex. Since her sexual drive is almost none nowshe doesn’t evenoffer me head either. I love her so divorce is definetly out of the question. She not complained my passion for wearing panties 24/7. She has allowed me to wear nighties to bed. I can accumulate some bras, pantyhose and nylons so long as I don’t let her see me in them. All this with out complaint. She even encourages me to find masturbation stimulation on the internet. I find myself searching the internet for TV/TS stories, pictures, videos, and contact sites. I am not passable and I don’t really desire to pass occassionally or part time. I just love the feel of lingerie on my body. I love the feeling of receiving head when I’m in lingerie. I fantasize of receiving and giving head to a TV/TS, even anal sex giving and receiving. Lesbian sex fantasies of myself and a transexual stimulates me sexually. I am not sure about making my fantasies reality. My wife is around me if I’m not working. Free time to make my fantasies is rare or very limited. What to do is my question. Thank You for giving us this site to share with others who share the passion for lingerie and our feminine side. Melissa

I have been a transvestite ever since I can remember. Everytime I put on a pair of panties I get that same wonderful feeling. Just dressing as a woman has not ben enough for me for a long time. I have wanted to act as a woman with a man for a very long time. Thanks to this wonderful column, I have .A very wonderful man seen one of my postings and wrote to me. We wrote to each other for weeks and decided to met one night. We met at a motel that was far enough away from either of our towns. I was so very excited and apprehensive when we did finaly meet. We did exchange photos but he was even more handsome in person. I was dressed as a woman. I stayed in the car and he signed me in as his wife. I probably would not have passed as a woman but it was late at night and the clerk was not even interested. He knew that men came there very ofen just to have sex with a woman. This was not the very first time I was with a man but It was the first time I was dressed as a woman. I felt soooo very wonderful as he kissed me. I had never been kissed by a man. I loved it and returned his kiss. As we embraced, He fondled my body. I could feel his hard manhood against my body. He unbuckeled his slacks and I went to my knees. Robin

my name is Tori. I’ve been a cd for 38 years now. All you beautiful girls are an inspiration to me. Unfortunately for me, my life experiences have not been so good. I have been put down, beaten-up and hospitalized, and ridiculed just for wanting to be the real me. (a woman) I hurt so bad because i can’t live my life the way I want to. You all do inspire me but I am just too scared to set foot out of my house for fear of being beaten again. I don’t want anyones sympathy, I just wanted to tell you all that you all my hero’s and life the good life for me…..thanks tori

First off I want to thank Lady one and Castle Supply for this wonderful site. There are so many of us that love to read the stories here. We wouldn’t know what to do without it. Thank You again. Like The rest of you gurls I love everything that is feminine. I charish the times when I can get dressed and just relax and spend time as a woman. Everything about it just feels so natural. My bra fits so good and the forms finish giving me the feeling of the wieght that my breast should have. Of course we all know about the wonderful feeling of the panties and pnaty hose under a slip and dress. All this with my make up and wig. Now this is the way I am supposed to look and feel. Can’t explane it, It just feels right. This is the way my body wants to feel and look. I don’t need to walk down the side walk and hope to be spotted. That would be nice, but I am content to just fix supper and watch TV. Just to live as a woman. It all feels so right and so natural. There must be a reason? Donna

I’m fifty years old and finally got caught dressing. My desires to dress were getting so strong it was only a matter of time. My wife was at first shocked. But after explaining how this was something that had been in me since I was a child, stealing my mothers pantyhose and other things, she was very understanding. Now she buys me lingerie, takes me shopping, ( we both will fit the same dress size, to bad it’s not the same for the shoes) and has taught me how to do makeup properly. She says I am her best girlfriend. We have special dressup nights were we get rid of the kids and have a ball. I am somewhat passable and would love to go out on the town, but even I am a bit leary of that, unless my wife encourges me than i would. But it sure feels good to have this out in the open with my wife. I wish I had told her many years ago, but always thought it was something she would never accept. I hope to do the snapshot contest soon. Have fun girls. donna

Just thought I’d let you all know I told my mother. Her response “Is that it ? I could care less, so long as your not hurting anyone and your happy I’m happy for you and hope you never hide who you are.” Thanks for encouragement everyone. I was surprised at my mothers response, but then I wasn’t. Make sense ? I never thought she would shun me. Just had the fear of tarnishing her image of me. This is a major weight off my shoulders. Thanks again Confused

I want to confess that I would love to suck a cock and get drilled by a girl with a strap on at the same time, as I ma dressed as Julie. Debbie you are are a lucky girl. You wife sounds great!! Julie

Hello Girls All I can say is its been wonderful my wife really enjoys me when I get dressed she has even been going out and buying me sexy outfits to wear and sometimes I go with her and look to.She really likes it because we are both the same size so I can even wear her clothes.I have been getting dressed as much as possable and she enjoys us just sitting around and watching tv
the she gets horny looking at me and takes me to the bedroom. She even bought a strapon and couldnt wait to try it out she was so excited she didnt go slow and after the initial pain it was
wonderful and I know she just loved doing it, Well thats all for now I will keep in touch email me if you would like Love Debbie

I cannot stop dressing either. I have tried but I like it way too much. I love getting all dolled up like a slutty Whore…My ass is so cute when I photograph it all dressed up it makes me rock hard.
Yesterday I got dressed and played with some toys…My favorite pasttime..Love to all Julie

I love gurl time, dressing up with other gurls trying on new clothes and shoes and helping each other with makeup. Then of course there are the pajama parties where mmmmmmmmmmm things get steamy. Kyra Harris

I have always loved to dress as a female and act as a female. I have been very fortunate to meet a man that accepts me as a woman. He knows that I am married and we are very discreet. He loves the fact that I am effeminate and I can be a female with him any time. I just love kissing his muscular chest. His hands are large and strong and I love how he feels my thighs. I just adore feeling his hard cock. He is married also but his wife will not suck his cock. He wants to fuck me also. I want that also. robin

How many times have I told myself I won’t dress any more but here I am on a Sat night soaking in a tub so i can shave my legs and bikini put on hose and girls jeans and walk around the city.
I just can’t stop, I love it so much. joey

Coming up on my favorite time of year, halloween. I used to dress as a woman just about every year. My mom was so good about it. The best was my mom’s short mini leather skirt she let me wear. I had on garters, nylons and turned on every 12 year old boy. I had to eventually give way to the KISS costume, with all the makeup and wig, I was in heaven. Patricia Neal

Patty, I would love to attend a social with you and show a good time!!!!!!!!!! Debra Mosher

I am a closet cd and yearning for a time when I can attend a social for a weekend and just be who I always wanted to be! It is very frustrating to be in this position. I love wearing womens clothes, wearing womens underwear daily, is the only consistent act I can do. This summer was the first time I lived alone and because of my schedule dressed at bedtime only. It was exciting, I didnt want to fall asleep because when I awaken, it is back to my sheltered life. Love all you cd girls, your beautiful and sexy, look so forward to the day we meet. Patty Caple

My wife found my stash of girl things,clothes and makeup and thinks Im crazy. She made me dress up for her and she redid my makeup for me,said I needed a better wig. Now she wants to know more. I told her I considered myself a Crossdresser and told her to look at this,Castle site. She is curious and finds all of this very interesting. She may have a new Girlfriend. I sure hope so. Kathy

Darling Confused, I relate to your confusion as I’ve certainly been there. Since I was 13 I began dressing as a girl now as a woman, I’m a passive bi-sexual, I never seen myself as being gay but when I’m in my femm role I love being treated in everyway as such. During my teenage years I use to dream and also picture myself waking up in the morning and having these wonderful breasts and the cutest “pussy” but that dream never came true.I’ve remained in the closet all these years which at times is extreemely hard and sexually frustrating. I first went on to HRT when I was in my early thirties, I had to stop as I got majorly depressed, got my my breast size up though to 32B which is great and shrunk cock which I don’t mind. I have started HRT again which is going much better, and my wife is now on top of things. I still fulfil the role of husband, man of the house, do a great deal of manly things, I get to wear panties and stockings at times during my business day, and have now bought long night shirts that feel as if I’m wearing a nightie to bed, I have many orgasims whem my breasts are sucked and stimulated which is great to say the least.My suggestion to you is that you try as often as you can being a woman, sit when you need to pee, get used to wiping after you’ve been to the loo, live the illusion, try the make-up bit, shave your body hair, get your wife to peg you every spare opportunity you have be femme, treat yourself to a v-string, try a course of HRT and see how you feel, if you like what you’re going thru’ go away together somewhere were nobody knows you and live as woman for the weekend. My cock is now totally limp, I however still cum, I get turned on now in different ways, I’m not gay but am a crossdresser who is managing her life in a way not to hurt or disappoint anyone, remember we are in the Aquarius age, get in touch with your femme side its something to be proud about. Drop me a line to my e-mail address if I can help in any way.Love your sister Joan Black

I was curious, What is it when you want to become a woman in every way growing breasts and everything. Just you still have desire to have you penis removed ? I’m married and my wife knows and supports me. But uhhh when talking we are confused about alot and figured best find a place :)… So could anyone help me out on what this would be called.. I have no desire also to be with any man.. So I can’t say mom I’m gay or a crossdreser.. And form of understanding would be appreciated.. Kudos to all of you that have guts to come out.. I’m working on it… Confused

Hello girls. I just looooooooove reading about your wonderful experiences with men.Unfortunately I have not been with a man as often as I would have loved to be. I am a mature transvestite. I still use the word “transvestite ” . I do love that word. I grew up in the 1950’s and this was the word that was used to describe a man that would dress as a woman. I use to try to get any literature about female impersonators. Christine Jorgensen was one of the few I could identify with. Now that I am older I still love to relate to other transvestites ( crossdressers ). I cannot ever find a web site that has older transvestites. Can any of you girls help me out? I love looking at pictures of crossdressers but I would love to see some my age . I am 65 years old and love dresing as a woman. Whenever possible I meet with a man my age and we have wonderful sex. I have worn girl’s clothing for as long as I can remember. I gave a blow job to an older man when I was 25 years old. It was not until I was 65 that I gave another man a blow job. It was so very exciting seeing another man’s hard cock. I just loved touching his hard cock and running my finger over the tip. Feeling his pre-cum and bending over to kiss it. Running my tongue down the length of his cock and kissing his balls. I love it more now than when I was 25 years old. I just wish that I could find a web site that includes older transvestites. Robin

Thank you Lady One for such a wonderful product, and thank you for such a wonderful place to talk with other girls. Your the best. Just got home from a long road trip all in fem every day and every night. Almost two weeks on the road. It was heavenly. After the first day I learned just how to tie and adjust everything on my v-string so that it was sooooooo comfortable I couldn’t even feel it. It was so great to stop at a rest area or truck stop and use the girls room. I could hear the other girls going and I sounded just like them when I went. It was so sexy to just raise up my skirt and slip and pull down my panties and sit and pee. I did wear a pad though. Just in case I would leak a little. I didn’t want to have wet panties. I was wearing then all day and traveling so I wanted to keep dry. A couple of times I had spotted my pad a little but never more than a few drops. I also used the smith nephew med adhesive to attach my breast forms on this trip. It worked perfectly. I could attach them in the morning and leave then on for a couple of days before there was any sign of loosening edges. I showered with them on and slept with them. It is wonderful to have your breast stay with you know matter how much you moove around. They feel so nice under a silky smooth night gown as you moove around in the night. It makes you feel 100% feminine. All together I traveled over three thousand miles. All in fem. I loved it. Every time I stopped to get gas. I would just hop out in my skirt and top and start my fuel. Most the time if I looked around I could find a guy somewere checking me out. One day I purposly wore a very tight pair of shorts that I have. They show everything. If you know what I mean. I was wearing the tight shorts and washing my windshield at a truck stop in Texas. I stopped and looked back in the direction of the trucks. I bet there were five guys just staring at my ass and of course my camel toe. It looked so perfect I just had to show it of once. What a fun trip. I can’t wait to do it again. Next time I hope I get the chance to try out my v-string completely! Miss Tina

I recall first dressing in my mothers clothes at about the age of 11 or 12. It began with her girdles and hose and shoes. It soon escalted into wearing her panties, pegnoirs and full makeup! I never got caught, or at least I didnt think I did. My dressing continued throughout my 20’s and 30’s during two marriages. Not one in my life did I regret what I was doing, it just seemed so natural…. I had never been with another man or a t-girl during all these years. A strange thing started happening to me during my mid forties, when my wife and I had sex I always felt like she had a cock and she was screwing my vagina, the thought really turned me on. We eventually got a divorce and like an ephinany I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life as a woman. I started HRT and almost immediately went full time, luckily I was a home consultant and it didnt interfere with my work. The first sex I had after I went full time was with another t girl. Having her in my mouth was the MOST sensual feeling I had ever had in my life, it was also the most natural. It took me awhile to go out with a man, and the first couple times didnt go that well, although looking at their cocks really turned me on and I liked sucking and swallowing, I was not into getting my pussy screwed, they wouldnt take no for an answer, and it soured me on the whole thing until I met a lovely t girl who took the time and trouble to teach me really how to love. Today, I almost always wear a butt plug and keep my pussy clean, I’ve come to love someone deep in my pussy and the wonderful feeling of them have a wet orgasm deep inside me. RuthAnn

I can still vividly remember by sister’s cries of uproar when she couldn’t find her lovely yellow slip I’d worn under my jeans while fishing with my father. I can still remember the trees I hid behind while I lowered my jeans so I could look at the pretty yellow slip fall over my young thighs. Funny thing is, during a crisis she had many many years later, I told her of my addiction to lace and asked her if she remembered her loosing that slip. She had not. And my secret was revealed………Desiree

I remember one evening when my mother and sister were gone for some affair that would take several hours. I went into my sister’s room and got all the lingerie that I would need to wear and I put them on the floor outside of the bathroom. I wanted to take a nice bubble bath, dryoff, and proceed to dress as a girl. I must have been 13 years old at the time. I just wanted to dress in girls clothes as a girl might do after taking a bath. I was in the tub and did not here them come in. I never knew why they came home early but by the time I realized that my sister and mother were in the house. My sister saw her clothes outside the bathroom and I was In the bathroom. My sister caleed me a queer and was very upset. My mother tried to calm her down. How could I explain something like that? I had worn her clothes so many times before and was careful about it. We transvestites surely know how to be secretive.I can’t remember to this day how I got out of it. I think that they both just wanted to forget it. There were other close calls but none as drastic as that evening. There was a short time when I did not go into my sister’s room and try on her female clothing but as we all know that would not last long. Having the availability of female clothing and the privacy to wear them is what a transvestite craves for. I began wearing my older sister’s clothing again. I continued without incident until she got married and left our house. I began wearing my mother’s clothes but they were not as sexy as my sister’s were. I still love to dress as a woman whenever I get the opportunity. I also love the thought of being with a man. I do that occasionaly also thanks to this column. Bye now girls. Robin

Oh Jill, Your letter brought back so many wonderful memories. I remember my young ten age years. Just really starting to figure out how to look good when I was dressed. Just what all to wear with a nice tight zip up skirt and a silky low cut blouce to go with it. All things that my freind and I would look for through his mothers and older sisters things when they were not home. Thankfully they were away most the time. My freind wasn’t into the dressing part as much as I was, but he sure was a good helper and a great finder of silky sexy things, hideing in drawers and in chest’s that had been put in the basement for storage. As we discovered more of these wonderful treasures. I begain to learn more about how to wear them and what looked best with what. Of course panties and nylons were the first thing a girl learns how to wear. It wasn’t long after that till I would find myself nearly every afternoon, laying on my back with mt favorite tight skirt and slip pulled up to my waist as I enjoyed my freind laying on top of my while feeling my C cup bra stuffed with water balloons under my cami and silk blouse as he fucked me as hard as he could. He would lube my inner theighs and the bottom of my scrotum and then hop on me and fuck me for what seemed like forever. I remember that I would let him cum between my legs if he would get up and get me a nice new fresh Kotex pad when he was finished. Of course he always wanted to cum. We all know I would have let him even if he didn’t get me a pad, but he didn’t know that. I dodn’t know if we were just young and stupid or what but it took us all summer to figure out that with some lube he could fuck he in another place. I also discovered how soft and sexy I could feel with one of his mothers long silky night gowns on, and how much more I could move around for both of us to enjoy. Oh my. My life was never the same. He would still get me a nice clean pad after he finished. After a while I remember his mother asked him one day if he had any idea what was happening to all the pads in the house. Even with two sisters and his mother using them it seemed like they were sure going through alot of them. I think she chewed out the girls for using to many. Never heard any more about it. Altough I would let him pay me off with a tampon from time to time, just to slow down the disapearing supply of pads. I still remember the first time he came in me. My god what a wonderful feeling that was. I felt so sexy and so feminine I wanted the feeling to last for ever. Today it’s still the same for me. I feel so complete when a man is in me and using me for his pleasure. When he finally puts his wonderful load into me I am a woman. In every way. Sweet, soft, lovly with a sweet sent and a load from my man in me. How could it be any better. Love to all my sister out there.Donna