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Masturbator V


The Masturbator V is designed for just that…masturbating as a girl. The head of your penis is your Clitoris! You can masturbate as a girl and urinate with it on too!!!  It has a vaginal opening similar to the Virgin V and can be reclosed with latex to allow you to be a virgin over and over.

As always, it will take some time and adjusting to get it right for you. This is a huge part of the fun factor. We recommend you be relaxed when you are using your Vee-String. Moreover, water based lubricant and/or talcum powder are two items which can aid in the use of your Vee-String. Once you have worn it awhile, the latex will become soft and supple, you can trim it to fit you like a glove.

See additional product and care information at the bottom of this page.

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Care & Handling: This product is made of 100% latex rubber. After use, wash with mild soap and towel dry. When not in use, dust with powder and store in a cool, dry area. This will increase the integrity of the product for a longer life. ONLY A WATERBASE LUBRICANT, SUCH AS K-Y IS TO BE USED WITH THIS PRODUCT. AVOID USE OF PETROLEUM-BASED LOTIONS, SOLVENTS, SOAPS, MAKE-UP, OR FOOD PRODUCTS SUCH AS OILS OR BUTTERS Avoid use of petroleum based lotions or solvents. Avoid direct sunlight which may cause tanning of the latex. The V-String Vagina is designed to completely hide everything necessary to allow your Secret lady to emerge and make your transformation complete.  Sold as a novelty only.


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