120818In the mid 1980’s the creative genius behind the Vee-String was making Halloween masks for his children.  He was contacted by some movie special effects people and mask makers.  They wanted a mask with the nose being a penis, thus he created “Pornocchio” and his girlfriend, “Hot Lips”.  These were featured in Hustler magazine and sold throughout the Western US.

Shortly thereafter, he was contacted by a person who was a cross dresser.  He wanted to fulfill his feminine illusion by covering his genitals with a “mask”.  The artist went to work.  After a LOT of sculpting, mold making, and experimentation, the Original Vee-String was born.  It gently cups the genitals and, as the latex warms up, becomes a “second skin”.

As far as the 7 different Vee-String styles, immediately after putting the Original Vee-String online, we were asked for one which allowed urination without removing it.  Again, many hours of research and design were put into this.  Once we got it perfected, the Bladder Vee-String was born. Then, a customer contacted us about having a Vee-String with a Menstrual function.   This didn’t seem possible, however, a Sheath Vee-String was about to be born.  Yes, a latex “tube” was formed at the vaginal opening.  A small hole is placed in the Sheath.  A pouch is placed on the sheath which holds a small reclosable bag filled with theatrical “blood”.  With a small pinhole in the bag, as the “blood” warms up, the it begins to flow and the “Menstrual Cycle” begins.  We now offer the Sheath with or without the menstrual kit. Of course the next obvious option was to combine the two to create the Sheath With Urinating Bladder Vee-String. Next step, how about a Vee-String which allows you to be a virgin all the time.  So we went to work and our Virgin Vee-String was born.  It comes with a bottle of latex to allow you recreate your hymen as often as you want. One step further, add a hole at the clitoris.  Place the head of your penis in the hole and you now have a functioning clitoris.  This allows one to masturbate as a female and be a virgin as often as you want.  Thus, the Masturbator Vee-String was born.

Throughout the years our customers have been the driving force behind our product development.  You are very important to us and we appreciate your feedback.  Feel free to leave comments and let’s see  where we go from here.