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Newest Products and Update

Here it is spring time and I have been remiss in writing here. So, I thought I'd add a little blurb about our newest products. Over the years we have tried to keep up with trends. So, we've revamped our website several times and even added/removed Vee-Strings. Our designer has come up with the first [...]

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Here’s to a Great 2016

We are excited to see a new year. 2015 has been quite a year and we are looking forward to 2016 as a year of even more changes. Your ongoing support has allowed us the opportunity to continue serving the transgender community for many years. And we are determined to provide a positive influence to [...]

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What is the Vee-String Menstrual Function?

Throughout the years I have been asked this question many times.  So I thought I'd try to explain it here in a bit more detail. The Menstrual Function on the Sheath Vee-String, Masturbator with Sheath Vee-String and Sheath with Urinating Bladder Vee-String is simply a latex pouch on the side of the tube.  There's a [...]

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Castle Supply’s Photo Contest Is Coming Back

Castle Supply is proud to announce we are bringing back the Photo Contest.  It will be open for your submissions on or about July 1.  The first winner will be announced October 1, 2014.  You could win a Vee-String of your choice.  Keep checking back to see details. Basically, you will submit a photo along [...]

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While I will admit, I am not an expert on hair, I can say one of the first things I look at when people watching is hair. I love to watch people and since working with the transgender community, I can pretty much read a person by their hair within the first 30 seconds. Looking [...]

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What’s Your Best Feminine Feature?

So, you're considering a purchase of a Vee-String to help in fulfilling your feminine illusion.   This can be a difficult decision for many reasons.  A big reason is to enhance your feminine features.  You have them naturally and all you want is to make them more pronounced. I want to know from you what feminine [...]

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