Menstrual Kit

//Menstrual Kit

Menstrual Kit


To create the illusion of a menstrual flow, order the Menstrual Kit for any of the Vee-Strings with a Sheath.

The Menstrual Function on the Sheath Vee-String, Masturbator with Sheath Vee-String and Sheath with Urinating Bladder Vee-String is simply a latex pouch on the side of the tube. There’s a hole in the side of the sheath. It comes with a two ounce bottle of theatrical blood and a dozen small reclosable plastic bags. You place the blood in the bag and poke a small hole in the bag with something like a pin. Place the bag in the pouch with the hole close to the bottom of the pouch. As the blood warms to body temperature, it starts flowing out the sheath. You can use tampons, but to protect your clothing, it is recommended you use sanitary napkins as well.

Once the blood is used up, you can reorder another kit and we'll send it to you.

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